...The Beat Goes On (Blacklisted album)

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...The Beat Goes On
Blacklisted The Beat Goes On album cover.jpg
Studio album by Blacklisted
Released August 8, 2005
Genre Hardcore punk
Length 24:15
Label Deathwish (DWI48)
Blacklisted chronology
We're Unstoppable
...The Beat Goes On
Peace on Earth, War on Stage

...The Beat Goes On is the first full-length album by the Philadelphia hardcore band Blacklisted.[1]

Track listing[edit]

2."Wolves At My Door"2:02
3."Bruising Serenade"1:20
4."I Refuse"2:42
5."Life Moves On"1:48
6."What's Wrong With George?"1:41
7."Old Friend"1:58
8."Brightest Son"0:51
9."How Quickly We Forget (Again)"2:26
10."Do You Feel?"1:20
11."Coming Clean"0:51
12."Good Grief"2:08
13."Mother Teresa"4:02


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