...To Skin a Cat

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...To Skin a Cat
...To Skin a Cat VideoCover.jpg
Directed by Dan O'Berry
Cinematography Richard E. Brooks
Edited by Alexander Serpico
Release date
  • March 6, 2004 (2004-03-06) (Washington D.C.)
Country United States
Language English

...To Skin a Cat is a short film by director Dan O'Berry. This 22-minute black and white short film won multiple film festivals including the Berkeley Video and Film Festival, and the Memphis International Film Festival. Almost every scene in this film is one long take. There are no close-ups or medium shots. Executive director and founder of the DC Independent Film Festival, Carol Bidault, said in a statement that the works of Dan O'Berry reminded her of that of early Jim Jarmusch.[1] O'Berry actually interned under him after college, which may explain the similarities in style.


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