...What Remains

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What Remains
Studio album by Spoken
Released November 6, 1999
Genre Rap metal, alternative metal, Christian rock
Label Metro 1 Music
Spoken chronology
On Your Feet
What Remains
Spoken Greatest Hits
Professional ratings
Review scores
Cross Rhythms9/10[1]
HM Magazineunrated[2]
The Phantom Tollbooth1.5/5 & 3.5/5 [3]

...What Remains is the second album by the Christian rock band Spoken. The album is a combination of "rap meets metal, and a bit of melodic rock"[4][5]

Track listing[edit]

2."Your Grace Alone"3:10
3."Silent Voice"2:54
4."The God You Follow"3:33
5."Prepare to Meet Thy God"3:17
6."When I Fall"3:59
7."So Far From God"3:37
8."Taken for Granted"4:04
9."Forgive Me"3:42
10."New Life"2:27
13."Fly With Me" (featuring K2S)3:40
14."People Get Ready, Jesus Is Comin'"7:19
  • A secret song, a comedic take on the song "So Far From God" with Matt Baird singing "I am a Rock Star" can be found 6:06 into the 14th track "People Get Ready, Jesus Is Comin'".


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