...och stora havet

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...och stora havet
Och stora havet (Front Cover).png
Studio album by Jakob Hellman
Released 13 February 1989
Recorded 1988, EMI Studio 1 and 2 in Stockholm, Sweden
Genre Pop, rock
Length 42:19
Label EMI
Producer Dan Sundquist
Singles from ...och stora havet
  1. "Tåg"
    Released: 9 May 1988
  2. "Vara Vänner"
    Released: 10 January 1989
  3. "Hon har ett sätt"
    Released: 12 April 1989

...och stora havet ("...and the Great Ocean") is the only studio album by Swedish pop singer Jakob Hellman. It was released on February 13, 1989 by EMI.[1]


The album was recorded in 1988 in EMI's studio in Skärmarbrink, Stockholm, and was produced by Dan Sundquist. During the recording, Sundquist worked in parallel on an album by Freda', which had higher priority than the low-budget Hellman album. Sundquist and Hellman also had differing ideas about the sound of the album. Hellman wished to retain the more primitive feel of the 1987 demo that served as the basis of the record, while Sundquist was aiming for more of a pure pop production. Sundquist eventually got what he wanted.[2]

...och stora havet was initially pressed in an edition of 5,000 copies. Once the song "Vara vänner" became a hit, the album was certified gold in the summer of 1989. The album was followed by a tour where Hellman was accompanied by musicians from Eldkvarn, Reeperbahn and Wilmer X.[2]

Lyrically, the album is tinged with a longing to get away. The songs also capture a sense of being young, impatient, misunderstood, and angst-ridden.[2]

The album was released in a remastered edition on CD on June 17, 1998.[3] Nöjesguiden named ...och stora havet the best Swedish album of the century.[4] It is also among the titles in the book Tusen svenska klassiker ("A Thousand Swedish Classics", 2009).[2]

Track listing[edit]

All tracks written by Jakob Hellman,[1] unless otherwise specified.

1."Tårarna" (The Tears)3:32
2."Du är allt jag vill ha" (You're All I Want)3:14
3."Vara vänner" (Be Friends)3:39
4."Vackert väder" (Beautiful Weather)3:44
5."Vintern dör" (The Winter Dies)3:34
6."Visa mej" (Show Me)2:24
7."Hon har ett sätt" (She Has a Way)3:20
8."Sköra värld" (Fragile World)3:29
9."Tåg" (Train)3:15
10."Stora havet" (The Great Ocean)3:52
11."Glada dagar" (Happy Days)4:27
12."Avundsjuk på dej" (Jealous of You)3:49
Total length:42:19
  • ^ This song is not listed on the back of the album.


Additional personnel[edit]

  • Anders Sjögren – tuba
  • Dan Sundquist – production, synthesizer, electric piano, minimoog, keyboard, bass, tambourine, backing vocals, wind arrangement, effects and programming
  • Dave Castle – clarinet
  • Eddie Sjöberg – guitar and mandolin[b]
  • Ingemar Dunker – drums[b]
  • Jan Zachrisson – keyboards, recording, production and programming on "Tango i Nizza"[b]
  • Jesper Lindberg – electric guitar and mandolin[b]
  • Kofi Bentsi-Enchill – bass[b]
  • Magnus Adell – bass and double bass[b]
  • Magnus Lind – accordion and piano[b]
  • Magnus Persson – tambourine, xylophone[b], percussion and triangle
  • Mats Bengtsson – piano, accordion[b]
  • Mats Borg – drums[b]
  • Mats Olausson – piano and organ
  • Matts Alsberg – bass and double bass
  • Michael Gildestad – trombone
  • Pelle Sirén – guitar[b]
  • Per Hägglund – synthesizer and effects
  • Per Persson – vocals[b]
  • Sanken Sandquist – drums[b]
  • Titiyo Jah – backing vocals
  • Werner Modiggård – drums
  • Magnus Nygren – executive producer
  • Alar Suurna – mixing
  • ^ Refers to the remastered edition.

Chart positions[edit]

Chart Peak position
Sverigetopplistan[5] 9


Country Certificate
Sweden[6] Platinum



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