.246 Purdey

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.246 Purdey
Type Rifle
Place of origin  United Kingdom
Production history
Designer James Purdey & Sons
Designed 1921
Produced 1921
Case type Rimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .253 in (6.4 mm)
Neck diameter .283 in (7.2 mm)
Shoulder diameter .401 in (10.2 mm)
Base diameter .474 in (12.0 mm)
Rim diameter .544 in (13.8 mm)
Case length 2.24 in (57 mm)
Overall length 2.93 in (74 mm)
Ballistic performance
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
100 gr (6 g) 2,950 ft/s (900 m/s) 1,930 ft⋅lbf (2,620 J)
Source(s): Cartridges of the World[1] &
Shooter's bible guide to reloading.[2]

The .246 Purdey, also known as the .246 Flanged, is an obsolete centerfire rifle cartridge developed by James Purdey & Sons and introduced in 1921.


The .246 Purdey is a rimmed cartridge originally designed for use in Purdey's own double rifles. Never popular or widely used, the cartridge offers slightly less power than the .243 Winchester.[1]

As is common with cartridges designed for double rifles, the .246 Purdey was offered in one loading, firing a 100 gr projectile at 2950 fps.[2]

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