.297/250 Rook

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.297/250 Rook
Type Rifle
Place of origin United Kingdom
Production history
Designer Holland & Holland
Designed Pre-1880
Parent case .297/230 Morris
Case type Rimmed, bottleneck
Bullet diameter .250 in (6.4 mm)
Neck diameter .267 in (6.8 mm)
Shoulder diameter .294 in (7.5 mm)
Base diameter .295 in (7.5 mm)
Rim diameter .343 in (8.7 mm)
Case length .83 in (21 mm)
Overall length 1.1 in (28 mm)
Primer type Kynoch # 69

The .297/250 Rook is an obsolete centerfire rifle cartridge developed by Holland & Holland.


The .297/250 Rook is a bottlenecked rimmed cartridge originally designed for use in rook rifles for hunting small game and target shooting.[1]

This cartridge was introduced by Holland & Holland some time before 1880 by blowing out the neck of the .297/230 Morris Long to .250 in (6.4 mm).[2] This cartridge is a contemporary of the .255 Jeffery Rook and upon their release the pair competed heavily with the very popular .300 Rook.[3]

As with other rook rifle cartridges, the .297/250 Rook was superseded by the .22 Long Rifle.[4]

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