.43 Spanish

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.43 Spanish
11mm Spanish
11.15×58mmR Spanish Remington
U.M.C. 43-77
Type Rifle
Neck diameter Bottleneck[1]
Overall length 2.845 in
Primer type Berdan

The .43 Spanish was a centerfire firearms cartridge. The .43 Spanish was adopted about 1867,[citation needed] and was used in early rolling block rifles that Remington manufactured for the government of Spain.[citation needed] The cartridge is also referred to as "11mm Spanish", and identical cartridges for the US Peabody rifle were marked "U.M.C. 43-77".[2]

In 1869 the Spanish government put in an order for 10,000 rifles in this chambering.[3] The Spanish military version of the cartridge was later upgraded in 1889 to a "heavier, brass-jacketed reformado bullet".[4]

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