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In a number of countries, .co is used as a second-level domain to mean "commercial" and domain registrants register second-level domains of the form .co.xx, where xx is the country code top level domain (e.g., .co.uk in the U.K. and .co.jp in Japan).

Some of the countries using .co as a second-level domain include: Barbados (.bb), Cook Islands (.ck), Costa Rica (.cr), India (.in), Indonesia (.id), Israel (.il), Japan (.jp), New Zealand (.nz), South Africa (.za), South Korea (.kr), Thailand (.th) and the United Kingdom (.uk).

.co is also a country top-level domain corresponding to Colombia. Its current manager, Neustar, markets it to global markets as an alternative to .com, or as a generic country code top level domain gccTLD.[1]

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