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Introduced 1996
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Agência Nacional das Comunicações (ANAC)
Intended use Entities connected with  Cape Verde
Actual use Gets some use in Cape Verde
Registration restrictions Must have working DNS for domain set up first before registering
Structure Registrations are taken directly at second level
Registry Website dns.cv

.cv is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Cape Verde. It is managed by the National Communications Agency (Portuguese: Agência Nacional das Comunicações, ANAC). It was introduced on 21 October 1996 and initially it was managed by the Instituto Superior de Engenharia e Ciências do Mar (ISECMAR), later it became the School of Maritime Sciences, it became a campus of the University of Cape Verde until its redelegation in August 2009 by the current National Communications Agency.[1][2]

The technical manager, originally the Foundation for the National Scientific Information of Portugal (Fundação para a Computação Científica Nacional (FCCN), a non-profit organisation who managed the .pt domain name) transferred the rights and obligations managing the top level domains to dns.,pt, the association including the transfer of management rights by the IANA was published for the .CV in June 2014.[3]

ANAC is part of the group LusNIC,[4] an entity which includes top-level domains of other countries including .br (Brazil), .CV (Cape Verde), .gw (Guinea-Bissau), .pt (Portugal), .st (São Tomé and Príncipe) and .ao (Angola). This is why the .cv domain shares a part of the .pt network infrastructure (notably for a part of its DNS servers), and its technical management is delegated to the DNS.PT association.

ANAC has defined the following second-level domains, each with specific target users[5]

  • .net.cv: communication and network services
  • .gov.cv: governmental institutions
  • .org.cv: nonprofit organizations
  • .edu.cv: schools and universities (both public and private)
  • .int.cv: international organizations and diplomatic missions
  • .publ.cv: periodical magazines registered with the Directorate General of Social Communication
  • .com.cv: not restricted
  • .nome.cv: Cape Verde nationals and legal residents

As of October 2017, 1,743 websites uses the domain .cv, of which 1,377 simply the domain .cv, 252 uses .com.cv, 69 uses .org.cv, 38 uses .edu.cv including all university sites such as UniCV, six using .publ.cv (one of them A Semana) and one uses .net.cv. The number using .gov.cv is unknown, that is not maintained by ANAC but by the Government of Cape Verde.[6]


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