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Introduced 1997
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA)
Sponsor Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA)
Intended use Entities connected with  Christmas Island
Actual use Used as an acronym for 'Customer experience' & cryptocurrency.
Registration restrictions None
Structure Registrations can be made directly at second level; some third-level names exist for Christmas Island sites such as governmental sites in .gov.cx
Documents Registration agreement
Dispute policies Dispute policy; CoCCA dispute policy
Registry Website nic.cx

.cx is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Christmas Island. It is administered by the Christmas Island Internet Administration (CIIA), through the Christmas Island Domain Administration Limited (cxDA). CIIA is a community-owned non-profit company which also provides Internet service to the island's residents.

The TLD was formerly administered by Planet Three Limited, a company with offices in the United Kingdom and Australia, which went bankrupt and ceased operations, voluntarily transferring management to CIIA (called Dot CX Limited at the time).[citation needed] The local (shire) government of Christmas Island endorsed the transfer, but the Commonwealth of Australia (which has international authority over Christmas Island as an external territory) did not immediately approve it. Australia has since published a Memorandum of Understanding which recognizes CIIA as the legitimate manager of .cx.[citation needed]

The domain achieved a certain degree of notoriety when it was used for the shock site goatse.cx, to the point the CIIA was forced to take down the website following complaints by Christmas Islanders.[1]


The .cx domain has gained popularity with cryptocurrency organizations.[citation needed]


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