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Introduced 1990
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Egyptian Universities Network
Sponsor Egyptian Universities Network
Intended use Entities connected with  Egypt
Actual use Popular in Egypt
Structure Registrations are at the second level, and at the third level beneath various second-level labels
Registry Website Registration info

.eg is the Latin alphabet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Egypt. Any entity who wants to register a domain name ending with .eg must have a local representative or the domain name has to be hosted on Egyptian DNS servers. Egypt's Arabic alphabet ccTLD is .مصر‎.[1][2] During the 2011 Egyptian protests, domain .eg was shut down by the government.[3]

Second-level domains[edit]

There are eleven second-level domains. Registrations are possible at the second level (directly under .eg) or at the third level beneath these names.

  • .ac.eg: Academic sites.
  • .adn.eg: Experimental purposes related to the Arabic domain name.
  • .com.eg: Commercial sites.
  • .edu.eg: Educational sites.
  • .eun.eg: Egyptian Universities Network.
  • .gov.eg: Governmental sites.
  • .info.eg: Information sector.
  • .mil.eg: Military sites.
  • .name.eg: Personal "name" websites.
  • .net.eg: Networking.
  • .org.eg: Egyptian organizations.
  • .sci.eg: Scientific sites.
  • .sport.eg: Sports sites.
  • .tv.eg: Visual media.

Examples of domain names registered at the second level: nic.eg, bibalex.eg, coke.eg, orange.eg, nile.eg.


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