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Introduced 2014; proposed in 2007
TLD type GeoTLD
Status Active
Registry Asociación PuntoGal
Sponsor Asociación PuntoGal
Intended use Flag of Galicia.svg Galician linguistic and cultural community
Registration restrictions Unknown
Structure Registrations would be taken directly at second level
Registry Website dominio.gal

.gal (Galician pronunciation: [ˈpunto ˈɡal]) is a GeoTLD intended to highlight the Galician people, Galician language, and Galician culture. It was approved on 14 June 2013 by ICANN, and the first 93 domains went online on July 25, 2014.[1]

The initiative was backed by more than 13,700 people and 110 institutions in Galicia, including relevant agencies of culture such as the Royal Galician Academy, the Galician Culture Council, and the three Galician universities. Asociación PuntoGal is committed to establishing a foundation to reinvest the money in projects that promote Galician language and culture in the field of new technologies.

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