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Introduced 1998
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Comores Telecom, registry operated by VeriSign
Sponsor Comores Telecom
Intended use Entities connected with  Comoros
Actual use Not much used
Structure Registrations are made at second level
Documents Terms and conditions (French; MS Word doc)
Dispute policies UDRP
Registry Website Domaine.km

.km is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Comoros.

Registration is available directly at second-level or under a number of sub-domains (cost of KMF30000 in most categories).

  • .km - Companies and trademarks registered at second-level (at an annual cost of KMF50000).
  • .com.km - Companies - unrestricted use.
  • .coop.km - Co-operatives.
  • .asso.km - Associations.
  • .nom.km - Individuals («nom» means "name").
  • .presse.km - Press organisations.
  • .tm.km - Trademark owners.
  • .medecin.km - Medical doctors.
  • .notaires.km - Notaries.
  • .pharmaciens.km - Pharmacists.
  • .veterinaire.km - Veterinarians.
  • .edu.km - Universities and professional institutes.
  • .gouv.km - Government.
  • .mil.km - Registered at no charge, for the military.

Second-level registrations are subject to restrictions and local presence requirements.

Third-level registrations are unrestricted in *.com.km if the name is not already registered elsewhere in .km; various category-specific restrictions apply to each of the other third-level domains. Personal name *.nom.km registrations are limited to island residents and to citizens resident abroad; various categories corresponding to the individual professions each require the applicant hold a license to practise that profession.

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