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Introduced 1993
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry Lebanese Domain Registry (LBDR)
Sponsor American University of Beirut
Intended use Entities connected with  Lebanon
Actual use Reasonably popular in Lebanon
Registered domains 4166 (2017)[1]
Registration restrictions Registrant must have Lebanese trademark certificate for exact name being registered; specific restrictions enforced for each second-level subdomain
Structure Registrations are at third level beneath second-level categories
Documents Rules
Registry Website Lebanese Domain Registry

.lb is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Lebanon.

The official registration rules say that it is necessary to have a Lebanese trademark certificate for the exact name being registered (omitting the TLD and second-level label the name is being registered within) and the trademark owner must be a Lebanese entity.

Registrants in each of the subdomains (.com.lb, .edu.lb, etc.) are expected to show qualifications indicating that they are the appropriate type of entity to register in that subdomain. Additionally, registered names are required to be unique within the entire .lb domain (for instance, example.com.lb and example.org.lb cannot both be registered) because the registry wishes to keep the possibility open to drop the requirement of third-level registration and move all names to the second level.

Second-level domains[edit]

  • com.lb - commercial
  • edu.lb - educational
  • gov.lb - government
  • net.lb - network infrastructure
  • org.lb - organizations


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