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Filename extension .pkg
Developed by Apple Inc.,
Sony Computer Entertainment,
Symbian Ltd.
Container for Applications
  • The macOS and iOS operating systems made by Apple use .pkg extensions for Apple software packages.
  • Sony PlayStation 3 - Used for DLC on the PlayStation Network[1]
  • Solaris,[2] or SunOS operating system (OS) and illumos - Denotes software packages that can be installed, removed and tracked using the pkgadd, pkgrm,and pkginfo commands. Solaris is a derivative of the AT&T UNIX OS, and the .pkg extension was also used on AT&T UNIX System V OS.
  • AT&T UNIX System V .pkg files are cpio archives that contain specific file tree structures.[3]
  • Symbian use .pkg files to store configuration information used to generate .sis installer packages.[4]
  • BeOS Used .pkg files in the 90's as part of their software package platform. Be Inc. bought Starcode Software Inc. and acquired their packaging tools.
  • Apple Newton operating system used files ending in .pkg for Newton applications and software. As a result, when seen from the Mac OS X Finder, Newton applications appear the same as Mac OS X Installer packages, however they do not share their file format.
  • PTC/CoCreate 3D Modeling application use .pkg files to store model files. This .pkg file uses the zip file format.
  • Microsoft is said to use .pkg files for profile storage on Xbox Live.
  • L3 Avionics systems use some .pkg files for software updates.


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