New Brunswick Route 133

Route 133 is a east/west provincial highway in the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The road is a continuation of Route 134 in Gilberts Corner; the road has a length of 28 kilometers, services small, otherwise isolated rural communities. In these areas, the highway is unofficially referred to as "Main Street." The road runs between the Northumberland Strait and Route 15 and a small portion of Route 11 in Greater Shediac. The road starts out as Hannington Road in Gilberts Corner, is known as Main Street in Shediac, it is designated Acadie Road throughout most of the way to Route 15. Route 134 in Gilberts Corner Route 140 in the Rings Corner neighbourhood of Shediac at the Parlee Beach Intersection Route 933 in Barachois Route 950 in Dupuis Corner Route 945 in Cap-Pelé Route 15 near Botsford Portage Scoudouc River in Shediac Aboujagane River in Robichaud Kouchibouguac River in Robichaud Gilberts Corner Chapman Corner Shediac Rings Corner Boudreau Barachois Robichaud Dupuis Corner Cap-Pelé Botsford Portage List of New Brunswick provincial highways

Yurii Vladimirovich Egorov

Yurii Vladimirovich Egorov was a Russian-Soviet mathematician who specializes in differential equations. In 1960 he completed his undergraduate studies at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University. In 1963 from MSU he received his Ph. D. with the thesis "Некоторые задачи теории оптимального управления в бесконечномерных пространствах". In 1970 from MSU he received his Russian doctorate of sciences with thesis: "О локальных свойствах псевдодифференциальных операторов главного типа", he was employed at MSU from 1961 to 1992, he was a full professor in the Department of Differential Equations of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty there from 1973 to 1992. Since 1992 he has been a professor of mathematics at Paul Sabatier University. Egorov's research deals with differential equations and applications in mathematical physics, spectral theory, optimal control theory. In 1970 he was an Invited Speaker of the ICM in Nice. 1981 — Lomonosov Memorial Prize — for his series of publications on "Субэллиптические операторы и их применения к исследованию краевых задач" 1988 — USSR State Prize — for their series of publications on "Исследования краевых задач для дифференциальных операторов и их приложения в математической физике" 1998 — Petrovsky Award for their series of publications on "Исследование спектра эллиптических операторов" "The canonical transformations of pseudodifferential operators."

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