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The .sb2 file format is used by the programming language Scratch (as of Oct 2015) when exporting a project. In the previous version of Scratch (version 1.4) the project was exported as an .sb file but was changed in the update to version 2.0.

.sb2 files are zip files containing a .json file as well as the contents of the Scratch project including sounds (stored as .wav) and images (stored as .png). Each filetype, excluding the project.json, is stored as a number, starting at 0 and counting up with each additional file. The image file labelled '0.png' is always a 480x360 white image, but '0.wav' will still be the earliest non-deleted file.

.sbx files are for the ScratchX experimental version of Scratch. See https://github.com/llk/scratchx/wiki for more. The ScratchX site indicates that Scratch 2.0 .sb2 extensions were to have been discontinued in November 2015.

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