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An .sb file is the file format used to store projects created in the Scratch programming language editor up to version 1.4.[1] sb is no longer used in the current version of Scratch and was replaced by the .sb2 file in Scratch 2.0.

File Structure[edit]

The .sb file is divided into four sections.


The 10-byte header contains the ASCII string 'ScratchV02' in versions higher than 1.2, and contains the string 'ScratchV01' in versions 1.2 and below.


Encodes the length of the project's infoObjects. A four-byte long, 32-bit, big-Endian integer.


A dictionary-format data section, it contains the following keys:

  • thumbnail: a thumbnail of the project's stage
  • author: the username of the project's creator
  • comment: the Project Notes
  • history: save and upload log
  • scratch-version: the version of Scratch used to save the file


A object table with the Stage as the root. All objects in the program are stored here as references.

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