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Introduced 1997
TLD type Country code top-level domain
Status Active
Registry AFNIC
Sponsor AFNIC
Intended use Entities connected with the  French Southern and Antarctic Lands
Actual use The .tf domain-name has popular usage for sites related to the game Team Fortress and its sequel, Team Fortress 2. These sites are commonly used for trading virtual goods, relating to Team Fortress 2, such sites include backpack.tf a website for viewing another players inventory, trading and checking the prices of items, trade.tf a website for trading and viewing the price of other items, and scrap.tf a website for trading, checking the prices and raffling of items. Otherwise, rarely used except for free, redirected third-level domains.
Structure Registrations are made at second level; an unofficial service makes free, redirected domains available at third level
Documents ICANN redelegation resolution
Registry Website nic.tf

.tf is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands. Along with .fr, .nc, .pm, .re, .wf and .yt it is administered by AFNIC. Before October 23, 2004, Adamsnames, based in Cambridge, administered this TLD.

There is also an additional free service offering third-level .tf domains, under the name United Names Organisation.[citation needed] They occupy 14 second-level domains, including .eu.tf, .us.tf, .net.tf, and .edu.tf. They are run by the same company as smartdots.com, and are given away as URL redirections.

The French Southern and Antarctic Lands are territories either recognised as French or claimed but suspended under the Antarctic Treaty System France, and the domain name derives from the French, Terres australes et antarctiques françaises. Part of the French claim includes a section of the continent of Antarctica, creating an overlap between .tf and the general Antarctica domain .aq.

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