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X file format
Filename extension .x
Developed by Microsoft
Type of format 3D model format
Extended to dotXSI

The .x file extension was introduced with DirectX 2.0 to contain files of the X file format; and DirectX 6.0 introduced methods that enable reading from and writing to .x files.[1]

It is a simple file containing geometry meshes and material information that can be viewed in the DirectX Viewer, a program available with the 2008 DirectX June SDK (Software Development Kit). Because the SDK provided the means to load and save assets in this format, it was often used as a simple way of getting assets into and out of game programs. As of 2014, the file format has been deprecated for a long time [2] and the interchange role is better served by a more modern format like Autodesk FBX.

See also[edit]

  • dotXSI - a extended format of X file format


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