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0–9 Series is a 1989 series of ten compilation albums released by ABC for Kids. It won the ARIA Award for Best Children's Album in 1990[1] and was nominated for the ARIA Award for Best Cover Art in the same year.[2]

The ten albums are aimed at children of each age from 0 to 9, the album titled 0 for 0 year olds through to 9 for 9 year olds. Over 270 songs were recorded for the album series with 214 appearing on the final products. Featured artists are Adam Bowen, Aku Kadoga, Andrew Bell, Andrew Can, Angela Webber, Anne Kirkpatrick, Armando Hurley, Barry Crocker, Barry Leef, Chantelle Ormandy, Chris Bailey, Chris Lloyd, Christopher Patlon, Col Joye, Danielle Spencer, Darryl Aberhart, Dave Sandbach, Dave Sandford, Debbie Byrne, Don Spencer, Doug Parkinson, Ernie Dingo, Floyd Vincent, Gillian Eastoe, Gillian Jones, Grace Knight, Graeme Connors, Greedy Smith, Gus O'Brien, James Gillard, Jamie Rigg, Jenny Morris, Jim Conway, Joan Sydney, Joanne Jackson, John Paul Young, John Spence, Jonathan Biggins, Kerrie Biddell, Ketaki Kishor Dongre, Kiri Uu, Lana Warner, Laurie Balmer, Leonora Jackson, Linda Kenny, Linda Marr, Linda Nagle, Lizzie Clear, Lori Vallins, Lucky Starr, Malcolm McCullum, Marc Hunter, Marcus Holden, Margret RoadKnight, Maria Fotiadis, Mark Williams, Maroochy Barambah, Mary Schneider, Melanie Salamon, Mesana Salata, Mic Conway, Mic Conway's Whoopee Band, Mick Layton, Mike Kennings, Moya Simpson, Nicholas Wareham, Normie Rowe, Peter Chambers, Peter Combe, Peter Kenny, Rami Var, Rhonda Burchmore, Rick Price, Robyn Archer, Robyne Dunn, Ross Higgins, Ruth Cracknell, Sabahattin Akdagcik, Sally Dodds, Sharon O'Neill, Shauna Jensen, Stuart Grant, Su Cruickshank, Sweet Atmosphere, Tamina Haider, Tania Bowra, Terry Hannagan, Terry Kaff, Terry Murray, The Moy Sisters, Tommy Emmanuel, Trinidad Calypso Band, Trish Goddard, Wendy Grose, Wendy Matthews and Zachiary Haider. A documentary on the production of the albums was released alongside it.[3]



Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Going Home" Mark Knopfler Tommy Emmanuel 3:45
2. "Mocking Bird/All the Pretty Little Horses" Inez Foxx, Charlie Foxx / Traditional Gillian Eastoe 2:15
3. "Maranoa Lullaby" H.O. Lethbridge, Arthur S. Loam Maroochy Barambah 1:06
4. "Ninna Nanna" Traditional Moya Simpson 1:28
5. "Brahms' Lullaby" Traditional Peter Kenny 2:31
6. "Golden Slumbers" John Lennon, Paul McCartney Rick Price & Wendy Matthews 2:13
7. "Indian Lullaby" Traditional Ketaki Kishor Dongre 1:50
8. "Forever Young" Bob Dylan Marc Hunter 4:44
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child" Traditional Margret RoadKnight 3:34
2. "The Night Will Never Stay" Eleanor Farjeon, Graeme Connors Graeme Connors 2:11
3. "Greek Lullaby" Traditional Maria Fotiadis 1:47
4. "Turn Around" Malvina Reynolds, Alan Greene, Harry Belafonte Ruth Cracknell 2:10
5. "Grandma's Hands" Bill Withers Joanne Jackson 2:54
6. "God Bless the Child" Billie Holiday, Arthur Herzog Jr. Marc Hunter 4:33


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Never Smile at a Crocodile/Crocodile Rock" Frank Churchill, Jack Lawrence, Elton John, Bernie Taupin Normie Rowe 3:54
2. "A Quick Skip Before Dinner" Mitchell, Sharon O'Neill Sharon O'Neill 1:02
3. "This Little Cow Eats Grass" Traditional Dave Sandford 0:23
4. "The High Skip/Andy Spandy" Andrew Bell, Eleanor Farjeon Lizzie Clear & Lana Warner 0:36
5. "Li'l Liza Jane" Traditional Floyd Vincent 1:24
6. "Bimbo/Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree" Rod Morris, Lew Brown, Charles Tobias, Sam H. Stept Don Spencer & Chantelle Ormandy 2:04
7. "Sea Shanty Medley[note 1]" Traditional Graeme Connors, James Gillard, Marcus Holden & Peter Kenny 4:46
8. "Pigeons and Crows" Traditional Melanie Salomon 0:23
9. "Rockin' Robin" Leon René The Moy Sisters 1:45
10. "Hokey Pokey" Traditional Dave Sandford 0:25
11. "Tiffy Taffy" Michael Rosen, Andrew Bell Lizzie Clear & Lana Warner 1:19
12. "Chop Chop Chippity Chop" Traditional Trish Goddard 0:21
13. "Baby Food" Robyn Archer Robyn Archer 2:39
14. "Berceuse Pour Rêver" Traditional Jamie Rigg 2:08
15. "When You're Smiling" Larry Shay, Mark Fisher, Joe Goodwin Grace Knight 1:44
16. "Sunset" Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel 2:30
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "This Old Man Comes Rolling Home" Traditional Trish Goddard 1:43
2. "Jerry Hall" Traditional Joan Sydney 0:07
3. "Tip Top" Andrew Bell, Michael Rosen Trish Goddard 0:13
4. "Little Red Car" Ros Price, Graeme Connors Graeme Connors 2:52
5. "Baby's Drinking Song" Graeme Connors Graeme Connors 0:24
6. "Coots Eat Waterbeetles" John Manifold Chris Bailey 0:17
7. "Insallah" Traditional Sabahattin Akdağcık 1:56
8. "Pop Goes the Weasel" Traditional Trish Goddard 1:43
9. "Kennebunk Port" Malvina Reynolds Anne Kirkpatrick 2:00
10. "Gurrwayi, Gurrwayi, the Rainbird" Jenny Hunter Brown, Pat Torres Ernie Dingo & Maroochy Barambah 1:09
11. "Banana" Lord Burgess, William Attaway Aku Kadogo 0:54
12. "Babes in the Wood" Traditional Tania Bowra 1:36
13. "Gershwin Lullaby" Traditional Graeme Connors 1:55
14. "Why Worry" Mark Knopfler John Spence 4:15


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Oodnadatta, Parramatta" Ronald Oliver Brierley Jim Conway 1:23
2. "Sand Between My Fingers" Ros Price, Sharon O'Neill Sharon O'Neill 1:30
3. "Cat's Got the Measles" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown Tamina & Zachiary Haider 0:19
4. "The Witch" Michael Dugan Melanie Salomon 0:48
5. "Family Treasures" Graeme Connors, Margaret Mahy Anne Kirkpatrick 1:15
6. "See You Later, Alligator" Robert Guidry Col Joye 2:38
7. "I've Got an Itch" Jack Prelutsky, Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown Floyd Vincent 1:58
8. "The Glowworm" Paul Lincke, Heinz Bolten-Backers, Johnny Mercer Jim Conway 0:48
9. "Sing a Song of Sixpence" Traditional Tania Bowra 1:12
10. "The Kangaroo" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown Mic Conway 1:17
11. "Squeezes" Brian Patten, Graeme Connors Gillian Eastoe 0:22
12. "There Was a Crooked Man" Traditional Armando Hurley 1:51
13. "The Guppy" Ogden Nash Joan Sydney 0:27
14. "Ralphy Balfen" Grace Knight Grace Knight 1:17
15. "Five Little Monkeys" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown Floyd Vincent 1:36
16. "Slowly, Slowly" Traditional Leonora Jackson 0:55
17. "Three Fleas" Graeme Connors James Gillard 1:07
18. "Heigh-Ho" Frank Churchill, Larry Morey Darryl Aberhart & Andrew Can 1:20
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Medley"
a. "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles"
b. "Splish Splash"
c. "Singin' in the Bathtub"

a. John Kellette, Jaan Kenbrovin
b. Bobby Darin, Murray Kaufman
c. Herb Magidson, Ned Washington, Michael Cleary

a. Mic Conway
b. Col Joye
c. Mic Conway
2. "Something's Drastic" Michael Rosen Mic Conway 0:31
3. "The Clever Rabbit" David Henry Souter, Graeme Connors Anne Kirkpatrick 0:45
4. "Where" Walter de la Mare Stuart Grant 0:53
5. "Beni Vi Tui" Traditional Aku Kadogo 0:50
6. "At the Codfish Ball" Lew Pollack, Sidney D. Mitchell Su Cruickshank, Linda Nagle 1:10
7. "The Duck" Ogden Nash Joan Sydney 0:35
8. "An Elephant Goes" Traditional Linda Kelly & Graeme Connors 1:17
9. "I Sing the Song of Froggie Swimming" Graeme Connors, Morris Lurie Peter Chambers 2:22
10. "I Put Out to Sea" Andrew Bell, Michael Rosen Barry Leef 0:50
11. "I Wish I Was a Little Grub/Isn't It Funny" Jenny Morris Jenny Morris 0:33
12. "Mrs. Moon" Andrew Bell, Roger McGough Stuart Grant 0:48
13. "Coming Home (The Song of the Naturalist's Wife)" Donovan Leitch Graeme Connors 2:20
14. "Fascinating Rhythm" George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin Kerrie Biddell 2:33


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Hiccup" Gillian Eastoe Gillian Eastoe 1:06
2. "Tailpiece" Max Fatchen Dave Sandford 0:13
3. "Pick Me Up" Robyn Archer Robyn Archer 2:21
4. "The Name Game" Shirley Ellis, Lincoln Chase Aku Kadogo 1:28
5. "Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me Too" Shel Silverstein Tania Bowra 2:18
6. "Two Witches" Alexander Resnikoff Melanie Salomon 0:31
7. "Chickery Chick" Sidney Lippman, Sylvia Dee Ross Higgins & Jonathan Biggins 1:58
8. "Granny's Boot" Spike Milligan, Graeme Connors Joan Sydney 1:00
9. "Healthy Pig" Ros Price, Graeme Connors James Gillard 0:51
10. "Jiribuga the Porcupine" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown, Pat Torres Ernie Dingo & Maroochy Barambah 0:40
11. "The Cow" Traditional Aku Kadogo 0:54
12. "The Worm" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown, Pat Torres Mic Conway 0:38
13. "The Woody Woodpecker Song" George Tibbles, Ramey Idriss Ross Higgins 2:09
14. "Kilkenny Cats" Traditional Gus O'Brien 0:52
15. "Pet Parade" Hoyt Axton Terry Hannigan 2:22
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "The Little Red Hen" Malvina Reynolds Don Spencer 2:09
2. "Goodness Gracious" Gillian Eastoe / Traditional Gillian Eastoe 1:25
3. "Let's Twist Again" Kal Mann, Dave Appell Greedy Smith 2:11
4. "Josephine" Jones Aku Kadogo 0:54
5. "Simon Says" Elliot Chiprut Armando Hurley 2:49
6. "Signals" Shel Silverstein Dave Sandbach 0:15
7. "You Twiddle Your Thumbs" Traditional Stuart Grant, Dave Sandford & Andrew Bell 1:11
8. "When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along)" Harry M. Woods Mic Conway 1:46
9. "Multikertwigo" Spike Milligan, Graeme Connors James Gillard 0:34
10. "Jiminy Cricket" Leigh Harline, Ned Washington Ross Higgins 2:07
11. "Ow Sut Mohowri" Traditional Rami Var 1:29
12. "Day-O (The Banana Boat Song)" Lord Burgess, William Attaway Armando Hurley 2:58


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Ananacy the Spiderman" Young Armando Hurley 2:22
2. "Happy Talk" Richard Rogers, Oscar Hammerstein II Grace Knight 1:56
3. "Dr. Knickerbocker" Traditional Aku Kadogo 3:00
4. "Louder Than a Thunder Clap" Jack Prelutsky Mic Conway 1:25
5. "Forty Performing Bananas" Graeme Connors, Jack Prelutsky Mick Layton 1:17
6. "The Owl and the Pussycat" Edward Lear, Graeme Connors Mick Layton 2:50
7. "Goosey Goosey Gander" Traditional Robyn Archer & Mic Conway 0:21
8. "Trn Da Ti Eh" Traditional Mesana Salata 1:20
9. "Windy Nights" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown, Robert Louis Stevenson Robyne Dunn 2:45
10. "High Hopes" Sammy Cahn, Jimmy Van Heusen Debra Byrne 2:46
11. "Muddly Muddly" Joy Cowley Jenny Morris, Joan Sydney & Gillian Jones 0:56
12. "The Purple People Eater" Sheb Wooley Barry Leef 2:14
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Nursery Rhyme Rap" Mark Weeks Armando Hurley 2:15
2. "Digital Watch / Hickory Dickory" Michael Rosen, Traditional Leonora Jackson 0:26
3. "Wimoweh" Paul Campbell, Solomon Linda Terry Kaff 3:07
4. "The Ships" James K. Baxter, Louis McManus John Paul Young 1:53
5. "Nightening" Michael Dugan Melanie Salomon 0:11
6. "Greedy Dog" James Hurley, Mark McDuff Tania Bowra 1:46
7. "Jollity Farm" Leslie Sarony Mic Conway's Whoopee Band 2:45
8. "The Umbrella Man" James Cavanaugh, Larry Stock, Vincent Rose Ross Higgins 2:13
9. "Frosty the Snowman" Walter Rollins, Steve Nelson Lori Vallins 2:11
10. "Let 'Em In" Paul McCartney Mark Williams 3:58


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Emma Hackett's Newsbook" Allan Ahlberg, Graeme Connors Shauna Jensen 0:30
2. "Fish Fingers" Max Fatchen Dave Sandford 0:13
3. "Running Bear" J.P. Richardson Anne Kirkpatrick 2:54
4. "If Pigs Could Fly" Graeme Connors, James Reeves Sally Dodds 2:30
5. "My Brain" Robyn Archer Robyn Archer 2:48
6. "Happy Birthday Dear Dragon" Jack Prelutsky Joan Sydney 1:48
7. "Sneezes" Grace Knight Grace Knight 1:00
8. "Ooby Dooby" Dick Penner, Wade Lee Moore John Spence 2:18
9. "Alice Song" Andrew Bell Stuart Grant 1:37
10. "Hermano Chay" Traditional Linda Marr 2:01
11. "Juba" Traditional Aku Kadogo 1:05
12. "The Peanut" Graeme Connors Anne Kirkpatrick 0:48
13. "Heart of the Country" Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney Gillian Eastoe 2:34
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Court of King Caractacus" Rolf Harris Terry Hannagan 2:09
2. "Bushrangers" Floyd Vincent, Isobel Kendall Bowden, Jenny Hunter-Brown Tania Bowra & Robyne Dunn 1:42
3. "The Skye Boat Song" Harold Boulton Wendy Matthews 3:50
4. "Beep Beep" Carl Cicchetti, Donald Claps Sweet Atmosphere 3:00
5. "Heads or Tails" Graeme Connors, Kit Wright Mike Kennings 1:28
6. "There is a Thing" Jack Prelutsky Chris Bailey 0:59
7. "Seventy-Six Trombones" Meredith Willson Barry Crocker 1:27
8. "With His Mouth Full of Food" Shel Silverstein Chris Bailey 1:25
9. "The Trouble with My Brother" Brian Patten, Graeme Connors Mike Kennings 2:11
10. "Viru Polka" Traditional Kiru Uu 2:30
11. "I Know Someone" Graeme Connors, Michael Rosen Christopher Patlon 1:36
12. "You Can't Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd" Roger Miller Terry Hannagan 2:04
13. "The Bogeyman" Jack Prelutsky Stuart Grant 1:47


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Cat's Got Fleas" R & M Martin Floyd Vincent 2:34
2. "Dead Skunk" Loudon Wainwright III Gillian Eastoe 2:52
3. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" Stan Jones Mary Schneider 2:05
4. "The Sound of the Wind" Andrew Bell, Christina Rossetti Wendy Matthews 1:25
5. "Michael Built a Bicycle" Graeme Connors, Jack Prelutsky James Gillard 1:48
6. "The Walk" Colin Timms Armando Hurley 1:10
7. "Ode to an Extinct Dinosaur" Doug MacLeod, Robyne Dunn Robyne Dunn 1:12
8. "Thingth I Thay" Peter Combe Peter Combe 3:26
9. "A Little Soulful Tune" Taj Mahal Aku Kadogo 0:38
10. "Ubangi Stomp" Earl Bostic Barry Leef 1:57
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Papa Oom Mow Mow" Carl White, Al Frazier, Sonny Harris, Turner Wilson Jr. Jenny Morris 2:45
2. "Don't" Colin Timms, Michael Rosen Angela Webber & Adam Bowen 0:52
3. "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour?" Marty Bloom, Ernest Breuer, Billy Rose Mic Conway's Whoopee Band 2:18
4. "Back Seat Tragedy" Robyn Archer Robyn Archer 2:17
5. "Abre Kako" Traditional Mesana Selata 2:04
6. "Up and Down" Graeme Connors, Sally Farrell Odgers Pete Chambers, Mick Layton, Sally Dodds & Wendy Grose 3:50
7. "Bird Eats Fruit" Graeme Connors, Ros Price Tania Bowra 2:50
8. "Limbo Rock" Jon Sheldon, Billy Strange Trinidad Calypso Band 2:34


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Super Computer" Allan Caswell, Don Spencer Don Spencer 2:22
2. "Feeding the Family" Brian Patten, Colin Timms Chris Bailey & Gillian Eastoe 1:12
3. "Life on Mars" Colin Timms, Roger McGough Melanie Salomon 1:02
4. "Monster Mash" Bobby Pickett, Leonard L. Capizzi Ross Higgins 3:51
5. "My Dad Snores" John Williamson Anne Kirkpatrick 2:35
6. "Feelin' Groovy" Paul Simon Tania Bowra 1:44
7. "When You're Eating" Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown Ernie Dingo 0:33
8. "Great Expectations" Graeme Connors, Robin Klein Gillian Eastoe & Shauna Jensen 2:37
9. "Eagle Rock" Ross Wilson Barry Leef 3:41
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Mean Old Mean Hyena" Graeme Connors, Jack Prelutsky James Gillard 2:05
2. "Backwards Bill" Shel Silverstein Aku Kadogo 1:27
3. "Island in the Sun" Harry Belafonte, Lord Burgess Armando Hurley 2:45
4. "Tobiyo" Traditional Mesana Salata 1:39
5. "Limericks"
a. "There Was an Old Man"
b. "One Summer at Tea"
c. "A Sea Serpent"
d. "There Was a Fat Lady"
Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown Chris Bailey 1:42
6. "Flabbergaster" Colin Timms, Doug MacLeod Adam Bowen 0:27
7. "Friendship" Cole Porter Nicholas Wareham & Danielle Spencer 1:57
8. "I've Been Everywhere" Geoff Mack Lucky Starr 2:15
9. "An Ant's Eye View" Graeme Connors Graeme Connors 2:33
10. "Gimme Dat Ding" Albert Hammond, Mike Hazlewood Mic Conway's Whoopee Band 2:19


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" Robert Hazard Grace Knight 3:07
2. "Piggies Anthem" R & M Martin Rhonda Burchmore 2:20
3. "Transfusion" Jimmy Drake Sweet Atmosphere 2:31
4. "Down on the Corner" John Fogerty Malcolm McCullum, Chris Lloyd, Armando Hurley & Jamie Rigg 2:40
5. "There's a Monkey Sitting in the Family Tree" Graeme Connors Graeme Connors 2:10
6. "Working Bee" Tania Bowra Tania Bowra 2:52
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Apeman" Ray Davies Barry Leef 4:00
2. "Galaxy Song" Eric Idle, John Du Prez Jonathon Biggins 2:40
3. "I'm in a Rotten Mood" Graeme Connors, Jack Prelutsky Laurie Balmer 0:54
4. "Listen to the Wind" Graeme Connors Grace Knight 3:34
5. "Stomi Omilelo Malo" Traditional Celia White, Jarni Birmingham, Jenny Dornan, Linda Dawson & Moya Simpson 0:58
6. "The Magpies" Denis Glover, Graeme Connors Graeme Connors 3:22
7. "Sun Arise" Rolf Harris, Harry Butler Darryl Aberhart 3:20


Side A
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
1. "Water for the Flowers" Alan Mansfield, Sharon O'Neill Sharon O'Neill 3:20
2. "Cost of Living" Chris Harriott Darryl Aberhart 2:17
3. "Three Little Birds" Bob Marley Armando Hurley 3:06
4. "Horror Movie" Greg Macainsh Gillian Eastoe 3:55
5. "Swimming Song" Loudon Wainwright III Anne Kirkpatrick 2:26
6. "Ballet Dancing Boffer Boys" Doug MacLeod Terry Murray 1:17
Side B
No. Title Writer(s) Artist Length
7. "Old Time Rock and Roll" George Jackson, Thomas E. Jones III Normie Rowe 2:48
8. "Jeremiah Peabody's..." Ray Stevens Doug Parkinson 2:51
9. "Gitarzan" Ray Stevens, Bill Everette Terry Hannagan 3:27
10. "Money Moans" Graeme Connors, Peter Kenny, Roger McGough Lori Vallins 2:27
11. "You Can Get It If You Really Want" Jimmy Cliff Armando Hurley 3:01

Zzzero – Nine Sampler[edit]

This was the promo album for the series containing songs from each album

  1. Sharon O'Neill – Water For The Flowers (from Nine)
  2. Malcolm McCullum, Chris Lloyd, Armando Hurley & Jamie Rigg – Down on The Corner (from Eight)
  3. Joan Sydney – Granny’s Boots (from Three)
  4. Grace Knight – Happy Talk (from Four)
  5. John Paul Young – The Ships (from Four)
  6. Tommy Emmanuel – Going Home (from Zzzero)
  7. Marc Hunter – God Bless The Child (from Zzzero)
  8. Jenny Morris – Papa Oom Mow Mow (from Six)
  9. Ross Higgins – Monster Mash (from Seven)
  10. Anne Kirkpatrick – The Peanut (from Five)
  11. Robyn Archer – Pick Me Up (from Three)
  12. Normie Rowe – Never Smile At A Crocodile/Crocodile Rock (from One)
  13. Chris Bailey – With His Mouth Full Of Food (from Five)
  14. Greedy Smith – Let’s Twist Again (from Three)
  15. Wendy Matthews – Skye Boat Song (from Five)
  16. Col Joye – Splish Splash (from Two)


  1. ^ The songs in this medley are Here Is The Sea, What Shall We Do With A Drunken Sailor, Dance To Your Daddy, Donkey Riding, Blow The Man Down & Here Is The Sea (Reprise). Not listed in notes of album