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Donegal - 00n3.jpg
A 00n3 model of Donegal on the County Donegal Railway as around 1950. Layout by Alan Gee.
Scale4 mm to 1 foot
Scale ratio1:76
Model gauge12 mm (0.472 in)
Prototype gauge3 ft (914 mm) (Narrow gauge)

00n3 is the description given to modelling 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge railways in 4 mm scale with 12 mm (0.472 in) gauge track. 3 ft (914 mm) prototypes were common in Ireland and the Isle of Man, but the scale is not generally used outside the British Isles. 12 mm (0.472 in) gauge track is the same as that used in TT scale and HOm, so some components used for those scales can be used.

There is no ready-to-run support, so everything must be either built from scratch or made from kits from Worsley Works(C&LR, T&DLR, WCR & others), Branchlines (IoMR, CVR, T&DLR), Backwoods Miniatures (CDJR, CVR, L&BER, C&LR), Parkside Dundas (T&DLR & WCR], Model Engine Works (CVR), Ninelines (CDJR & SR) and Alphagraphix (CDJR, L&LSR, L&BER) amongst others. Kits are available in etched brass and nickel-silver (locos, railcars and some rolling stock), plastic, resin, white metal and card (rolling stock). There are now some 3D printed items of stock available, for example from Model Engine Works, CWRailways & TeBee Models.

00n3 modellers have close relations with other 4 mm narrow gauge modellers, especially 009 modelling.

Exhibition layouts[edit]

00n3 layouts that are occasionally exhibited in Britain and Ireland (2015) include Annascaul (Tralee and Dingle Light Railway), Castlederg (Castlederg and Victoria Bridge Tramway), Letterkenny (County Donegal Railways Joint Committee), Castlefinn County Donegal Railways Joint Committee), Schull (Schull & Skibbereen Railway), Crosby (Isle of Man Railway), Strabane (County Donegal Railway) and Mannin Middle (Isle of Man Railway inspired layout).

Burtonport (Letterkenny and Burtonport Extension Railway) is on permanent display in the Burtonport Railway Walk Museum situated in the St Columba's Community Centre in Burtonport, Co Donegal. Dingle (Tralee and Dingle Light Railway ) is permanently based at the Windmill Museum, Blennerville, Co. Kerry. Donegal (County Donegal Railways Joint Committee) is on permanent display at the County Donegal Railway Heritage Centre, Donegal. There is an 00n3 diorama of Boot station at the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway museum at Ravenglass, Cumbria

Related scales[edit]

Outside the British Isles the slightly smaller 1:87 H0 is used. For European 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) (metre gauge) prototypes and African / Australian 3 ft 6 in (1,067 mm) gauge railways H0m is used. In America 3 ft (914 mm) gauge railroads are modelled on 10.5 mm (0.413 in) gauge track as HOn3.

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