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1982 StatusQuo.jpg
Studio album by Status Quo
Released 16 April 1982
Recorded Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland
Genre Rock
Length 39:01
Label Vertigo
Producer Status Quo
Status Quo chronology
Never Too Late
Live at the N.E.C.
Singles from 1982
  1. "Dear John"
    Released: 19 March 1982
  2. "She Don't Fool Me"
    Released: 4 June 1982
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic2.5/5 stars[1]
Star Pulse2.5/5 stars[2]

1+9+8+2 (official title[3] in other sources as 1982), is the fifteenth studio album by the English rock band Status Quo, released on 16 April 1982.[4][5] It was the first to include new drummer Pete Kircher, who had recently replaced John Coghlan, and also the first to credit keyboard player Andy Bown as a full member of the band; on the previous few releases he had merely been listed as a guest musician although he had long been an integral member in all but name.

Its release came shortly before the band appeared at a concert at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, in the presence of the Prince of Wales, and the resulting publicity probably helped to send it to an entry position of No. 1 in the album chart, making it their fourth and last No. 1 album. Nevertheless, it received a lukewarm reception from fans. "Dear John", the first single and the only track not written by any of the band, reached No. 10 in the UK, but "She Don't Fool Me" stalled at No. 36.

1982 was the 20th anniversary of band members Francis Rossi and Alan Lancaster first meeting each other, and the sum of the numbers 1+9+8+2 is 20 (shown as the Roman numerals 'XX' underneath the album title), hence the name of the album.

Track listing[edit]

Side one

  1. "She Don't Fool Me" (Rick Parfitt, Andy Bown) – 4:36
  2. "Young Pretender" (Francis Rossi, Bernie Frost) – 3:34
  3. "Get Out and Walk" (Parfitt, Bown) – 3:13
  4. "Jealousy" (Rossi, Frost) – 2:55
  5. "I Love Rock and Roll" (Alan Lancaster) – 3:16

Side two

  1. "Resurrection" (Bown, Parfitt) – 3:49
  2. "Dear John" (John Gustafson, Jackie Macauley) – 3:14
  3. "Doesn't Matter" (Rossi, Frost) – 3:41
  4. "I Want the World to Know" (Lancaster, Keith Lamb) – 3:23
  5. "I Should Have Known" (Rossi, Frost) – 3:31
  6. "Big Man" (Lancaster, Mick Green) – 3:45

2006 reissue bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Calling the Shots" (Parfitt, Bown) (B-side of "Jealousy", released as a single in some European countries) – 4:53
  2. "Hold You Back" (Live at the N.E.C.) (Rossi, Parfitt, Bob Young) – 4:40
  3. "Over the Edge" (Live at the N.E.C.) (Lancaster, Lamb) – 4:20
  • The two live tracks also appeared on the album Live at the N.E.C., released later the same year.


Additional personnel
  • Bernie Frost – backing vocals


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