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1,3-Difluoro-trisulfane-1,1-difluoride is an inorganic molecular substance consisting of sulfur in a low oxidation state with fluorine. The structural formula is SF3SSF containing a chain of three sulfur atoms. At one end there are three fluorine atoms bound, and at the other one. The formula can also be written S3F4. It has a melting point of -62°C and a boiling point of 94°C. As a gas, it is unstable and breaks up to form SSF2 and SF4.[1]

SF3SSF is produced by the condensation of sulfur difluoride and an isomer of SSF2.[2] The reaction S3F4 ⇌ SSF2 + SF2 uses 6 kJ/mol.[3]

Possible isomers of S3F4 includes FSSF2SF, which has a spontaneous fluorine migration to yield F2SSSF2 which in turn spontaneously fragments to SF2 and SSF2. Another high energy structure is a ring consisting of three SF2 units.[4]


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