1, rue Sésame

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1, Rue Sésame
Genre Children's television series
Created by Based on a concept by Joan Ganz Cooney, with Jim Henson
Starring TBA
Country of origin France
No. of episodes 82
Running time 50 minutes
Original network TF1
Original release January 4, 1978 – June 2, 1982

1, rue Sésame is a French children's television series based on the popular U.S. children's program Sesame Street. The show first aired January 4, 1978, at 6:00 a.m. on TF1. Its musical director was Roger Elcourt, composer Jean Morlier.

The series was executive produced by Michel Berthier from TF1 and Lutrelle Horne from CTW. The show ran for a total of 82 episodes and ceased production in June 1982.

The series is occasionally called Bonjour Sésame, or la Rue Sésame. In October 2005, a new series by Sesame Workshop was launched, called 5, Rue Sésame.


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