1st-11th Cuirassier Regiment

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1er-11e Régiment de Cuirassiers
Active 5 June 1999 – 29 July 2009
Country France
Branch French Army
Type Armoured Cavalry
Role Armoured
Size 1350 personnel
Part of 3rd Mechanised Brigade
Garrison/HQ Carpiagne (Carnoux-en-Provence)
Equipment Leclerc

The 1st–11th Cuirassier Regiment (French: 1er-11e Régiment de Cuirassiers, 1er-11e RC) was an armoured (tank) regiment of the French Army. It was the armoured component of the 3rd Mechanised Brigade from 1 July 1999.[1]


The Chief of Staff of the French Army decided on 1 September 1990 to create a new experimental armoured regiment of 80 tanks with two squadron groups (Groupes d'Escadrons, GE). Each group would consist of three combat squadrons and one command and logistics squadron.

The 1er-11e RC was formed on 5 June 1999 by merging the 1st Cuirassier Regiment and the 11th Cuirassier Regiment.[1] It was disbanded 29 July 2009.[1]


Men of the 1st–11th Cuirassier Regiment on the 2007 Bastille Day parade at the Champs-Élysées

The regiment was composed of around 1350 personnel organized into 13 Squadrons.[1]

  • 1st Cuirassier Groupe d'Escadron (1er CGE) – 1st Cuirassier Squadron Group (x40 MBTs)
    • ECL – Command and Logistics Squadron
    • 1e Esq – 1st Squadron
    • 2e Esq – 2nd Squadron
    • 3e Esq – 3rd Squadron
  • 11e Cuirassier Groupe d'Escadron (11e CGE) – 11th Cuirassier Squadron Group (x40 MBTs)
    • ECL – Command and Logistics Squadron
    • 1e Esq – 1st Squadron
    • 2e Esq – 2nd Squadron
    • 3e Esq – 3rd Squadron
  • EBI – Base and Instructions Squadron
  • EMR – Regimental Maintenance Squadron
  • ESGM – Garrison Support & Maintenance Squadron
  • EEI – Reconnaissance Squadron
  • 5e Esq – 5th Squadron (Reserve)

Commanding officers[edit]

List of Commanding Officers (French: Chefs de corps) since 1999.[1]

1st–11th Cuirassier Regiment[edit]

  • Colonel Dumont Saint Priest, July 1999
  • Colonel de Courreges d'Ustou, July 2001
  • Colonel Hautecloque Raysz, July 2003
  • Colonel Pillet, July 2005

1st Cuirassier Squadrons Group[edit]

  • Lieutenant Colonel Guillemet, July 1999
  • Lieutenant Colonel Darnaudat, July 2001
  • Lieutenant Colonel Beaussant, July 2003
  • Lieutenant Colonel Fremin du Sartel, July 2005

11th Cuirassier Squadrons Group[edit]

  • Lieutenant Colonel Galy-Dejean, July 1999
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tavernier, July 2001
  • Lieutenant Colonel Isabellon, July 2003
  • Lieutenant Colonel Philipeau, July 2005


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