1-2-3 (APO Hiking Society album)

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Apo hiking society-123 album cover.jpg
Studio album by APO Hiking Society
Released 1992
Genre Original Pilipino Music, Filipino Rock, Pop
Label Universal Records, Philippines
APO Hiking Society chronology
Barangay Apo

1-2-3 is the 13th studio album by the Filipino trio Apo Hiking Society. It was a 14-track album released in 1992 under Universal Records. This is the third album in English recorded by the group.[1] The album includes the hits "Just A Smile Away", "When I Met You" and "Love Is For Singing".

Track listing[edit]

2."Just A Smile Away"2:59
3."The Crazy One" 
4."Now That It's Over And Done"3:26
5."Animal Song"3:39
6."Moral Of The Story"4:28
7."Two People"4:03
8."The One World"4:27
9."New Day"4:07
10."Good, Good Time"2:41
11."When I Met You"4:14
12."Love Is For Singing"2:55
13."Show Me A Smile"3:19