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1-2-3 (Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine song)

"1-2-3" is a 1988 song by American singer and songwriter Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine. The song was written by the band's drummer and lead songwriter Enrique "Kiki" Garcia along with Estefan and appears on the multi-platinum album Let It Loose. Released as the fifth and final single from that album in the late summer of 1988, "1-2-3" peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in July 1988, was the band's seventh Top 10-hit, it saw a second release in January 1989 after the success of "Can't Stay Away From You" and "Anything For You" in late 1988. It became the band's seventh Top 10 hit in the US. In addition, the song became their fourth #1 hit on the Billboard adult contemporary chart. On the Billboard R&B chart, "1-2-3" peaked at 54, on the UK Singles Chart it peaked at #9. After the success of the re-releases of "Can't Stay Away From You" and "Anything For You", 1,2,3 saw a re-release outside the US in January 1989. Although the single version was similar to the album version, it was remixed to add more horns, a stronger rhythm track, a different intro to the song.

An extended version of the song was released on 12" single. The lyrics of "1-2-3" detail the singer's desire to have a shy suitor approach her. In 1991, Estefan sang a children's rendition of the song with Big Bird and the Birdketeers on Sesame Street. Original versions Album Version — Eric Schilling & John Haag remixes Remix — Remix Instrumental — Extended Version — Dub Mix — Pete Hammond remixes The Dancing By Numbers Mix — Lyrics of this song at MetroLyrics

Tropical Heat

Tropical Heat is a Canadian action series produced in co-operation with Mexico and Israel that aired between April 8, 1991 to October 18, 1993. The series ran for three seasons totaling 66 episodes. Season one was filmed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico due to tax breaks the production was eligible for under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Season two was filmed in Israel. Season three was filmed in South Africa, with some sequences shot in Mauritius; the plot revolves around private investigator, Nick Slaughter, an ex-DEA agent, who after arriving in the fictional resort town of Key Mariah and setting up a detective agency there, meets up with local tourist agent, Sylvie Girard, to solve a variety of different cases. Rob Stewart..... Nick Slaughter Carolyn Dunn..... Sylvie Girard John David Bland..... Ian Stewart Ian Tracey..... Spider Garvin Eugene Clark..... Ollie Porter Pedro Armendáriz Jr...... Lt. Carillo Ari Sorko-Ram..... Sgt. Gregory Allen Nashman..... Rollie Graeme Campbell..... Rupert The series was popular in Serbia, where it gained cult status.

In a tumultuous social environment – with a UN trade embargo imposed on the country and civil war raging nearby – Nick Slaughter's character became a tongue-in-cheek role model among urban youth, a symbol of opposition politics. During the 1990s, the series was broadcast on four Serbian television stations – TV Politika, NS+, RTS 3K, RTV Pink – and rerun numerous times. Aside from its dry humor and exciting plot, the show was well received because its idyllic tropical island atmosphere was an absolute contrast to mid-1990s Serbia; the reruns in the then-isolated country made the show immensely popular, turning it into a minor national cultural phenomenon. The notion of Nick Slaughter being a received hero in Serbia began in the Belgrade suburb of Žarkovo where, now-legendary, graffiti "Sloteru Niče, Žarkovo ti kliče" appeared. Soon afterward during the massive months-long protests throughout winter 1996–97 against the alleged election fraud perpetrated by Slobodan Milošević and his party at the November 1996 local elections, the slogan "Slotera Nika, za predsednika" became popular on banners and badges as a symbol of opposition to the regime.

Another popular slogan was "Svakoj majci treba da je dika, koja ima sina k'o Slotera Nika". Serbian punk band Atheist Rap paid a tribute to the series' protagonist in the song "Slaughteru Nietzsche" with its graffiti-based chorus "Sloteru Niče, Srbija ti kliče" on their 1998 album II liga zapad. In 2008, Rob Stewart performed the song with the band on stage. Many local bars and summer patios in Serbia were named Tropical Heat in honour of Nick Slaughter and the popular TV show, they were located along the rivers, to resemble "The Key Mariah Spirit". No one associated with the show was aware of its extraordinary popularity in Serbia until December 2008 when Canadian actor Rob Stewart who played Nick Slaughter in the series accidentally discovered it by stumbling upon a Facebook fan group named "Tropical Heat/Nick Slaughter" with some 17,000 followers. After familiarizing himself with the cause and the circumstances of his Serbian fame, the unemployed 48-year-old Stewart, along with a filmmaker friend Marc Vespi and his sister Liza, decided to attempt to make Slaughter Nick for President, a documentary about it.

To that end, they contacted the band Atheist Rap and it was soon arranged for Rob to appear on stage as their guest at the To Be Punk Festival in Novi Sad on June 6. By late March 2009 the news was leaked to Serbian press and several media outlets carried items that Rob Stewart would be coming to Serbia in May or early June as guest of Atheist Rap in order to film a documentary on his character's popularity in the country during the 1990s. Stewart and his partners contacted Srđa Popović, former activist of Otpor!, the Serbian student movement that played a significant role in bringing down Milošević. On June 3, 2009, Stewart arrived in Belgrade to a hero's welcome with enormous media attention afforded to his visit. With Atheist Rap and Popović as their hosts and guides through Serbia, in between the documentary shooting schedule, Stewart made the media rounds, appearing on talk shows, giving interviews, making public appearances such as planting of the maple trees in Žarkovo with John Morrison, Canadian ambassador to Serbia.

As a result of their June 2009 stay in Belgrade and Novi Sad, a six-minute documentary promo was put together and entered in the Roma Fiction Fest in Rome, Italy on July 8, 2009 under the "work in progress" section. Two episodes of the show were re-edited into Criss Cross. IMDb states this received a release in 2001. Tango Entertainment released the complete series on DVD on January 8, 2008 in a 9-disc set entitled Tropical Heat: Sweating Bullets Complete series. Crimetime After Primetime Sweating Bullets on IMDb Sweating Bullets at Sweating Bullets at Unofficial fan page Slovenian page about Tropical Heat

Wollongong Advertiser

The Wollongong Advertiser is a free community newspaper published by Australian Community Media for the residents of Wollongong and Shellharbour Local Government Areas in New South Wales, Australia. It has a circulation of just under 100,000, ranging from Helensburgh to Gerringong; the newspaper focuses on local and regional news, contains a television guide, classifieds and a sports section as well as band gig listings and special focus sections. The Advertiser began in February 1982 as the Wollongong-Shellharbour Advertiser; until 2012, the newspaper was published in three editions: Wollongong Advertiser, Shellharbour Advertiser and Kiama Advertiser. Fairfax Media purchased the Kiama Independent in 2011 and the Lake Times in 2012; when management of these newspapers transferred to the Illawarra Mercury in 2012, the Kiama and Shellharbour editions of The Advertiser were discontinued. In 2015, the Wollongong Advertiser and the Lake Times were merged by Fairfax Media to become The Advertiser & Lake Times.

The Advertiser - Website

Illale Devata

Illale Devata is a 1985 Telugu drama film, produced by N. R. Anuradha Devi under the Lakshmi Films Combines banner and directed by Tatineni Prasad, it stars Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Bhanupriya in the lead roles and music composed by Chakravarthy. The film is a remake of Singeetam Srinivasa Rao's debut Kannada movie Haalu Jenu. Gopi Krishna a middle-class guy leads a delightful life with his wife Lakshmi. Once, he is aware that Lakshmi is suffering from blood cancer and imperative arrises to accumulate a huge amount for which he turns into a conman and misleads several people. In that process, he gets acquainted with a millionaire Durgamma a shrew when he falsely, convinces her as their distinct relative and Radha, Durgamma's daughter falls for him. Learning it, Lakshmi requests to continue his friendship with Radha for her happiness he does so. Parallelly, the wheel of fortune makes Lakshmi & Radha friends when Lakshmi cheers up Radha's love interest by hiding her identity. On the other side, trickster Gopi increases his plans day by day but once he was caught.

At the same time, Lakshmi deteriorates and Gopi is unable to raise the fund when Radha arrives for his support. Here, Radha questions Gopi the reason behind his deeds he reveals the entire truth. By the time, they reach; the movie ends Lakshmi uniting Gopi & Radha and breathes her last, happily. Art: Bhaskara Raju Choreography: Prakash, Surekha Lyrics: Acharya Atreya, Veturi Sundararama Murthy Playback: SP Balu, P. Susheela, S. P. Sailaja Dialogues: Satyanand Story: Palagummi Padmaraju Music: Chakravarthy Editing: Kotagiri Gopala Rao Cinematography: S. Navakanth Producer: N. R. Anuradha Devi Direction: Tatineni Prasad Banner: Lakshmi Films Combines Release Date: 1 May 1985 Music composed by Chakravarthy. Music released on AVM Audio Company


Cherian/Cheriyan is a Syrian Christian surname of West Asian origin, presumed to be a derivative of Zecharya and a variant of Zacharias popular among the christian community of Kerala, southern India. The final -n is the Malayalam third-person masculine singular suffix. In India it is found only as a given name although this trend is changing in the present generations, but in the United States and United Kingdom and Australia, it is used as a family name among expatriate families from Kerala; the accepted explanation is that this name is of Semitic origin, presumed to be a derivative of Zecharya and a variant of Zacharias. This is supported by the fact that Kerala was one of the chief centers for ancient spice trading between the West and East and there was a historic Nasrani community with religious, linguistic and genetic connections to the Levant and Middle East; the final -n is the typical Malayalam third-person masculine singular suffix. There is an alternative hypothesis suggesting an Armenian origin for the name.

This relies on the empirical observation that names ending with ian is probable to be an Armenian name. The original candidate Armenian name is Khatcherian which means “follower or son of the Cross”; this theory takes support from the fact that there have been significant presence of Armenians in India Chennai and Kolkata, who migrated to India to escape persecution from Turkey. K. M. Cherian, an Indian heart surgeon who performed India's first coronary artery bypass surgery Jayan K. Cherian, an Indian poet filmmaker living in USA P. V. Cherian, an Indian physician, surgeon and Governor Accamma Cherian, Indian freedom-fighter Tara Cherian, an Indian social activist and politician, the first woman mayor of Madras city Cherian Philip, a politician in Kerala, consultant for Kairali TV and former chairman of KTDC Cherian K. Cherian, a Malayalam–language poet from Kerala Joy Cherian, the first Asian American and first Indian American Commissioner at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission K. M. Cherian, media personality and chief editor of Malayala Manorama daily Jacob Cherian, a.k.a.

Ayya, an Indian surgeon and social worker Neha Cherian, a character in the novel Five Point Someone, written by Chetan Bhagat

St. Crispin's Reef

St. Crispin's Reef is an elongate outer-shelf coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. Named after St. Crispin, the French patron saint of cobblers and tanners, St. Crispin's Reef is located 35 miles off the Queensland coast in the Coral Sea, in latitude 16° 07' 54.14" S longitude 145° 48' 22.46" E, at a depth of 9 metres. It lies east of Undine south of Agincourt Reefs, close to Opal Reef. Protected by neighbor reefs, St. Crispin's structure consists of many shallow sandy channels that reticulate around coral mounds, rather than a typical reef slope, it has an abundance of colourful marine life. St. Crispin's Reef is a popular diving and snorkeling spot for expeditions from Port Douglas and Cairns. Nicknamed "Flower garden", the reef is host to Sergeant majors, Sweet lips, reef sharks, feather stars and bumphead parrot fish. Classified by the Marine Park Authority for "Intensive use", the reef has four moorings. In 1998, divers Tom and Eileen Lonergan were accidentally left here by their dive expedition, went missing