1. FCA Darmstadt

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1. FCA Darmstadt
1. FCA Darmstadt.gif
Full name 1. Fußballclub Arheilgen Darmstadt e.V.
Founded 10 September 1954
Ground Sportplatz am Gehmerweg
Capacity 2,800
Chairman Andreas Bergemann
Trainer Mark & Thorsten Dillmann
League Gruppenliga Darmstadt (VII)
2015–16 Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd (VI), 17th (relegated)
Website Club website

1. FCA Darmstadt is a German association football club based in Darmstadt, Hesse.[1]

The club's greatest success has been its time spend in the Hessenliga, from 1967 to 1981 and again from 2010 to 2013.


The club was formed as Fußballclub Arheilgen on 10 September 1954. the club experienced a steady rise, culminating in 1967 in the promotion to the tier three Oberliga Hessen.[2]

In the Oberliga, FCA became a strong side, finishing in the top six in its first five seasons there, with a third place in 1969 and 1970 as its best results. After this, the club slipped into the lower half of the table before coming third once more in 1978. In 1981 however, the side was relegated and would not return to the Oberliga again for almost 30 years.[3]

The club now played in the tier four Landesliga Hessen-Süd, where a second place in 1986 was its best result, but it was followed by relegation in 1987. The club returned to the Landesliga for one more season in 1988–89 but then made a more permanent exit from the league.[4]

The club now spend a lengthy amount of time in the lower amateur leagues of southern Hesse before a title in the tier seven Gruppenliga Darmstadt in 2009 returned it to the level below the Oberliga, now renamed Verbandsliga. In the following season the club, now renamed 1. FCA Darmstadt, won promotion to Hesses highest league once more courtesy to a second place in the Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd, behind local rival and champions Rot-Weiß Darmstadt, and played for three seasons in the Hessenliga before being relegated in 2013. A last-place finish in the Verbandsliga in 2015–16 relegated the club to the Gruppenliga.


The club's honours:

Recent managers[edit]

Recent managers of the club:[5]

Manager Start Finish
Richard Hasa 1 July 2007 Present

Recent seasons[edit]

The recent season-by-season performance of the club:[6][7]

Season Division Tier Position
2004–05 Bezirksliga Darmstadt-West VII 1st ↑
2005–06 Bezirksoberliga Darmstadt VI 1st ↑
2006–07 Landesliga Hessen-Süd V 17th ↓
2007–08 Bezirksoberliga Darmstadt VI 2nd
2008–09 Gruppenliga Darmstadt VII 1st ↑
2009–10 Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd VI 2nd ↑
2010–11 Hessenliga V 12th
2011–12 Hessenliga 16th
2012–13 Hessenliga 18th ↓
2013–14 Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd VI 10th
2014–15 Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd 11th
2015–16 Verbandsliga Hessen-Süd 17th ↓
2016–17 Gruppenliga Darmstadt VII
  • With the introduction of the Regionalligas in 1994 and the 3. Liga in 2008 as the new third tier, below the 2. Bundesliga, all leagues below dropped one tier. Also in 2008, a large number of football leagues in Hesse were renamed, with the Oberliga Hessen becoming the Hessenliga, the Landesliga becoming the Verbandsliga, the Bezirksoberliga becoming the Gruppenliga and the Bezirksliga becoming the Kreisoberliga.
Promoted Relegated


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