10.0 Earthquake

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10.0 Earthquake
Directed by David Gidali
Produced by Steve Bencich
Ross Kohn
Nancy Leopardi
Written by J. Greg Abbott
Alex Greenfield
Nancy Leopardi
Starring Henry Ian Cusick
Jeffrey Jones
Music by Leo J. Russlan
Cinematography Damian Horan
Edited by Ruben Sebban
Distributed by MarVista Entertainment
Running time
87 minutes
Country United States
Language English

10.0 Earthquake is a 2014 American disaster film directed by David Gidali and starring Henry Ian Cusick and Jeffrey Jones.[1]


As a series of minor earthquakes start tearing apart Los Angeles, scientist Emily of the USGS theorizes that it's all building to a super quake that will drop the entire city into a lava-filled chasm. Engineer Jack whose daughter has gone camping in the danger area and whose company is responsible for the quakes due to their deep fracking feels obligated to help, and races with Emily through the increasingly damaged city with the hopes of diverting the epicenter to Palm Beach and potentially saving millions of lives in the city of Los Angeles.[2]



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