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10.75 x 68mm Mauser
Mauser logo.svg
Type Rifle
Production history
Designer Mauser
Designed 1920s
Manufacturer Mauser
Case type rimless
Bullet diameter .424"
Maximum pressure 47862 psi
Ballistic performance
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
347 gr Soft Point 2,230 ft/s (680 m/s) 3831 ft/lbs
400 gr (26 g) 2,080 ft/s (630 m/s) 3,842 ft⋅lbf (5,209 J)

The 10.75 x 68mm Mauser is a rifle cartridge introduced in the 1920s. Oberndorf Mauser Sporters, French Brevex, and Belgium Browning rifles were chambered for it, this was a popular big game cartridge with African and Indian hunters for some time. The soft point bullet did not penetrate properly for thick skinned game.[1] [2]

Ivory hunter John "Pondoro" Taylor criticized the cartridge as being insufficient equipment for African hunting.[3]


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