100% Skuldgevoelvry

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100% Skuldgevoelvry
Kobus - 100 percent Skuldgevoelvry.jpg
Studio album by Kobus!
Released 2004
Genre Experimental
Kobus! chronology
100% Skuldgevoelvry
Swaar Metaal

100% Skuldgevoelvry (100% Guiltfree) is the second album by the South African heavy metal band Kobus!, released in 2004 on the ENT Entertainment imprint. Francois Breytenbach Blom and Theo Crous continue on the experimental side of the fence with an album more than twice the length of their debut of 2002, the album includes heavier tracks, hinting at Crous and Blom's original hard rock and heavy metal histories.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title English Translation Length
1. "Drome Te Bestel" Dreams to Order 4:35
2. "Ry In Die Kar" Ride In The Car 3:44
3. "Ek Wil Jou Soen" I want to kiss you 4:43
4. "Bonnie Brae"   3:40
5. "Kultuurfeestent" Culture-festival tent 4:26
6. "O Boereplaas" (traditional/reworked) O Tannenbaum 4:55
7. "Ons Is Saam" We are Together 5:36
8. "Die Wind" The Wind 4:06
9. "Waar Die Antwoord Verskyn" Where the Answer appears 5:43
10. "Roulied" Mourning Song 4:09
11. "Storie Van Karel Void" The Story of Karel Void 6:52
12. "Heldersiende Bedelaar" Clairvoyent Beggar 4:18
13. "Storie van die Engeltjie en die Duiweltjie" Story of the Angel and the Devil 3:10
14. "Oom Kobus se Plan" Uncle Kobus' plan 5:00
15. "Volk Van Main" Nation of Main* 4:09
16. "Sien Jou Weer" See You Again 3:55

* Main is an Afrikaans slang term meaning cool, great, or legendary.