100. Yıl Albümü

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100. Yıl Albümü
100 Yıl Albumu.jpg
Studio album by Mustafa Sandal, Ufuk Yıldırım, Reha Falay and Murat Zor
Released May 2003
Recorded 2003
Genre Stadium anthem, Football chant
Length 52:32
Language Turkish
Label DMC Müzik
Code 8697407051593[1]

100. Yıl Albümü (a.k.a. BJK 100. Yıl Marşları) (English: Centennial Album) is a stadium anthems and football chants based album, recorded following the Turkish League truimph of Beşiktaş in 2003, their 100th year of foundation, composed by Turkish singer/composers Mustafa Sandal and Ufuk Yıldırım, and composers Reha Falay and Murat Zor.[2]

Background and reception[edit]

Released in late May 2003, the album was initially promoted in Laila, a now-defunct dance music venue/nightclub, in front of around 2,000 attendees, along with club officials and footballers.[3] The album consists of arrangements of fan chants and well-known local songs such as "Samanyolu", "İnleyen Nağmeler", and "Çilli Bom", as well as former world hit covers such as "Eye Of The Tiger" and "We Will Rock You".[4]

The album has sold over 125,000 copies.[3]

Track list[edit]

Source: Idefix,[1] TurkPop.com[5]

No.TitleAlternative English TitleLength
1."BJK 100. Yıl Marşı"BJK Centennial March5:13
2."BJK 100. Yıl Marşı"BJK Centennial March3:57
3."Şampiyon Kartal"Eagle the Champion3:55
4."Beşiktaş Sen Bizim Herşeyimizsin"Beşiktaş, You're Our Everything3:44
5."Bekleriz İnönü'ye"See You in Inonu2:40
6."Hadi Hisset"Come On Feel It2:29
8."Kartal Gol"Eagle, Goal2:43
9."Beşiktaş Marşı"Beşiktaş March3:27
10."Beşiktaş Sevgisi Ruhumu Sardı"Love of Beşiktaş Surrounded My Soul3:07
11."BJK 1903 Marşı"BJK 1903 the March3:42
12."Şampiyonlar Sayfası"Champions Page3:09
13."Canımız Feda"Supreme Sacrifice3:47
14."Kartal Marşı"Eagle March3:04
15."BJK 100. Yıl Marşı (Remix)"BJK 1903 the March (Remix)4:10
16."Gol Sonrası"After Goal0:59
17."Gol Sonrası - 2"After Goal - 20:27
18."Gol Sonrası - 3"After Goal - 31:28


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