1000 Miles Away

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"1000 Miles Away"
"1000 Miles Away" Front cover
Single by Hoodoo Gurus
from the album Kinky
A-side "1000 Miles Away"
B-side "I Think You Know"
Released June, 1991 (Australia)
Format 7" vinyl, CD single
Genre Rock
Length 4:34
Label BMG (Australia)
RCA (U.S.)
Songwriter(s) Dave Faulkner
Producer(s) Hoodoo Gurus
Hoodoo Gurus singles chronology
"Miss Freelove '69"
"1000 Miles Away"
"A Place in the Sun"

"Miss Freelove '69"
"1000 Miles Away"
"A Place in the Sun"
"1000 Miles Away"
Back Cover
Back Cover

"1000 Miles Away" is a single by [1] Australian rock group Hoodoo Gurus that was written by Dave Faulkner.[2] It was released by RCA Records in June, 1991 and reached #33 on the Australian singles chart;[3]

"Many people have told me "1000 Miles Away" is their favourite Gurus song and it's also among my top ten. There are references to airports and flying but I was writing about emotional distance rather than physical travel. "I Think You Know" was another Punishment Song. We liked to keep bashing out the last two chords for a couple of minutes, Buzzcocks-style, a bit like a punk mantra. Punishment never felt so good."

— Dave Faulkner, [4]

The crew of Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Canberra had an association with the song after they adopted it as their 'anthem'. Hoodoo Gurus played a concert including the Replenishment At Sea song "1000 Miles Away" on-board during their last voyage out of Fremantle to Fleet Base West, prior to its decommissioning in 2005.[5]

The single was also released as a limited edition picture disc,[6] on which the B-side is not listed but titled as 4 symbolic drawings: an eye, a light bulb, a horseshoe, and a circle with a line through it (for back cover see below right, when read using the Rebus Principle this becomes "I Think You Know"). It was also released as a cassette single with free 'Kinky' Hoodoo Gurus magazine.

The B side "I Think You Know" was also written by Faulkner.[2] The second B-side on the CD Maxi-single, "Stomp the Tumbarumba", was originally recorded by New Zealand musician, Johnny Devlin, in 1963. It featured an uncredited appearance by the Gibb brothers (Bee Gees) as backup singers[7] and reached #5 on the Sydney singles charts and #5 on the Brisbane charts the year of its release.

Track listing[edit]

7" Vinyl[edit]

  1. "1000 Miles Away" (Dave Faulkner)[2] — 4:34
  2. "I Think You Know" (Faulkner)[2] — 3:30

CD Maxi-single[edit]

  1. "1000 Miles Away" — 4:34
  2. "I Think You Know" — 3:30
  3. "Stomp the Tumbarumba" (Johnny Devlin, Joy Inman)[2] — 3:05


Credited to:[2]


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