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The TV show 1000 Ways to Die airs on the cable channel Spike. New episodes air on Monday nights at 10/9C, beginning on March 12, 2012, with the Season 4 premiere.[1]

Season Episodes Premiere date Finale date
1 12 May 14, 2008 (2008-05-14) April 5, 2009 (2009-04-05)
2 12 December 6, 2009 (2009-12-06) February 24, 2010 (2010-02-24)
3 (2010) 42 August 3, 2010 (2010-08-03) February 29, 2012 (2012-02-29)
3 (2011)
3 (2012)
4 8 March 12, 2012 (2012-03-12) July 15, 2012 (2012-07-15)

Season 1[edit]

The first two episodes of Season One served as the series two-episode pilot, they were executive produced and narrated by series creator Thom Beers, and directed, co-written, and produced by Will Raee and co-written by Tom McMahon. Both episodes begin with the following disclaimer:

"The stories you are about to see are true and based on actual events. Names have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased."
"WARNING: The deaths portrayed in this show are real and extremely graphic."

The disclaimer then cuts to a scene of a city at night, followed by images of various manners of death, either from episodes or file footages, while the voice-over reads the monologue, which appears in "comic-book" style (comic font inside yellow boxes, as in a comic book):

"The human body is remarkably resilient..."
(Note: in the following sentence, only the ALL CAPPED words are illustrated in large, red "Sin City"/"comic" font; the rest are only heard) "Every day we fight a new WAR against GERMS, TOXINS, INJURY, ILLNESS, CATASTROPHE and Calamity."
"The fact that we survive at all is a miracle..."
"Because, every day we live..."

"We face 1000 WAYS TO DIE."

The first story begins with the opening screenshot drawn as a comic, which fades to the live action, the narrator gives an account of the story as it unfolds, describing the circumstances leading up to the death and details of the death itself. The story is interspersed with expert testimony from physicians and scientists about the science of the death (what happens to the body, etc.). The story ends with another comic screenshot, over which the "Way to Die # " and the nickname for the death is typed over the image in black and red "True Crimes"/"Sin City"/"comic" font.

Episode 1: Life Will Kill You[edit]

Originally aired May 14, 2008.

Death # "Event" Name Circumstances of Death
208 Semi-cide A man is run over and cut in half by an 18-wheeler while working under his car in a parking lot. His upper body and legs are accidentally sent to separate hospitals, making the medic crew lose some time, the man dies of pain and he bleeds out.
422 Constriction Accident A construction worker who comes to work drunk arrives with a hangover. He accidentally activates the dumping mechanism and buries the fellow worker under three tons of sand and dies from crush asphyxia.
92 Fang Banged A drunk man is shot at by his equally drunk brother. When he ducks, he falls onto a rattlesnake, which bites him near his heart and he dies from the venom.
832 Lesbocution After being involved in a series of bad relationships, a woman decides to 'become' a lesbian. While going home to have sex with a female friend to celebrate her coming out, the woman takes off her high heels and steps barefoot into a puddle with a live wire in it and is electrocuted.
125 Love Bugged A reclusive French amateur entomologist and herpetologist is bitten by his black widow spider in a misguided attempt to build an immunity to its venom. Electing to ride out the symptoms of his latrodectism, he suffers a fatal heart attack, knocking over his reptile tanks as he collapses, the released animals then feed on his corpse for two weeks before it is found by police.
640 Tumble Die A repairman is accidentally trapped inside an industrial clothes dryer and dies of being battered around and excess heat within minutes causing hyperthermia.

Episode 2: Hard Lives, Easy Deaths[edit]

Originally aired May 21, 2008. Note: This is the first episode not to feature the death of a female.

Death # "Event" Name Circumstances of Death
293 Freeze Died A man working at a mafia-owned South Philadelphia meat packing company is deliberately locked in a walk-in freezer out of revenge for stealing cuts of meat and getting his employer's 17-year-old granddaughter pregnant, and dies of hypothermia.
713 Dive Bombed A group of friends fly themselves home from Cabo San Lucas in a private plane shortly after going scuba diving. At 12,000 ft, they all suffer from decompression sickness and crash, causing the plane to explode and kill everyone aboard.
91 De-Coffinated A land dispute between two brothers in Haiti ends with one brother asking a witch doctor to poison the other with tetrodotoxin, causing paralysis. Believed to be dead, the poisoned brother is buried alive, and his corpse is later found by grave robbers, having succumbed to suffocation. Shortly before the brother's death, he tried to claw his way out with his fingers, wearing them down to the bone.
606 Wet Dream A man who wants to live like a fish constructs a fish suit out of waterbed material and attempts to use it. The suit is so constricting, however, that he cannot get into the water fast enough, and he dies from heat exhaustion.
112 Fur Burger In the 2nd century, one method of execution was wrapping the victim in freshly killed animal skins, tying him to a tree, and leaving him to be eaten alive by whatever carnivores happened to be in the area (a flock of vultures in this case).

Shot months after the pilot, the remaining episodes of the first season were executive produced by Thom Beers who also created the series. Season One was written and directed by Tom McMahon, the third episode also debuted a new narrator, actor Ron Perlman, instead of Beers, who previously narrated the pilot episodes.

The episodes in the rest of Season One, while maintaining the "tongue-in-cheek" story-telling aspect of the first two shows, vary in formatting compared to the pilot, the "comic-book" styling is completely gone, as are the trivia bits between segments. Each episode opens with a voice-over by the narrator giving brief summaries of upcoming deaths, accompanied by clips, this fades to a more ominous version of the previous disclaimer: white wording on black background, while a deeper, echoing voice-over reads:

"WARNING: The deaths portrayed in this show are real and extremely graphic."
"Names have been changed to protect the identities of the deceased."

"Do not attempt to try ANY of the actions depicted."
"YOU WILL DIE!" (the word "DIE" reverberates ominously).

The disclaimer then cuts to animation depicting human figures encountering various deaths, while the voice-over reads (Note: only the ALL CAPPED words are illustrated):

"Death...is everywhere. Most of us try to avoid it, others can't get out of its way, every day we fight a new war against GERMS, TOXINS, INJURY, ILLNESS, and CATASTROPHE."
"There's a lot of ways to wind up dead. The fact that we survive at all is a miracle, because every day we live, we face.... 1000 WAYS TO DIE."

This introduction cuts to a screenshot of the "victim", framed by gray grainy film art, and information appears as being typed out onto screen: "DATE" and "LOCATION", the stories are played out as in the "Pilot Season", but end as they began, with a different screenshot of the "victim" (this time, they are usually dead), again framed in grainy film art, over which the "Way to Die # " and the nickname for the death typed over the image in black, yellow and red "True Crimes"/"Sin City"/"comic" font. Two stories are shown in this manner, then an outro to the commercial says, "Coming up:" followed by brief, clever descriptions of upcoming deaths, this is usually repeated twice. After the last commercial break, the real-life story is shown, followed immediately by the end credits, which appear as white spray-painted bold letters on a grainy film background, backed by heavy metal music.

Episode 3: Unforced Errors[edit]

Originally aired February 8, 2009.

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
64 Habeas Corpse May 1, 1998 Law Office
Los Angeles, CA
Trying to impress a new female workmate, a lawyer runs head-on into a window on the fourteenth floor of his office to prove it unbreakable, a stunt he had done multiple times without any injury. Unfortunately, on his second attempt, the window gives way and he falls to his death.
(This death was based off the death of Garry Hoy.)
288 Chippin' Dale August 11, 2003 Sonoran Desert
Yuma, AZ
While two men are shredding tree branches in a woodchipper, one of the branches jams the woodchipper. Anxious to go home, one man foolishly tries to unjam the woodchipper with his foot, but his foot gets stuck in the machine and his entire body is quickly shredded to pieces.
226 Gasketballed November 21, 1993 Ball State College
Kenosha, WI
A young couple in college climbs into a giant helium-filled basketball. Although they enjoy it at first, they begin to find it difficult to breathe in it after a while. Realizing that they need to get out, they try to, but cannot because they are unable to find the zipper to open it, they eventually suffocate to death due to the lack of oxygen.
199 Me So Hornet September 27, 1992 Boone Residence
Lubbock, TX
A man doing lawn work is confronted by his wife for sex and agrees, but she says he has to get rid of a hornet's nest first. After failing to get it down with a rake, he gets a paintball gun and shoots the hornet's nest, knocking it to the ground, the hornets attack him and he dies from anaphylactic shock due to an unknown allergy to hornet venom.
952 Dumbrella January 13, 2007 Wood's Carnival
Barnegat, NJ
A sword swallower trying to perform despite dwindling audiences and an unstable economy takes a bet to swallow an umbrella. However, the release button is accidentally hit in the process and the umbrella is lodged in his esophagus, this closes off his trachea and causes internal bleeding and choking, killing him.
674 Killdo January 31, 2004 Jennifer's Pad
Roanoke, VA
While eyeing a handsome grocery store clerk, a woman gets the idea to use a peeled carrot as a dildo during her nightly masturbation session. While using the carrot during her session, a rough cut slices her vaginal wall, letting air into her circulatory system. An air bubble travels to her heart, blocking blood flow, and the woman dies from an air embolism.

Episode 4: Death Over Easy[edit]

Originally aired February 8, 2009.

Title reference: A spoof to the saying "Eggs over Easy".

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
316 Butt F***ed December 21, 1978 Mercy Care
Mobile, Alabama
A man falls asleep while smoking and sets himself on fire. He is rescued, taken to the hospital, and wrapped from head to toe in bandages soaked in burn medicine to treat his 3rd-degree burns, after 3 weeks in the hospital without a cigarette, he bribes a nurse to let him outside for a few minutes. He smuggles a cigarette out and lights up, but the ashes from the cigarette ignite his bandages, as he struggles to put the fire out, his wheelchair rolls down the ramp, and at the bottom, his oxygen tank explodes causing 4th degree burning.
818 Frightmare June 15, 1995 Alexi's Apartment
Fargo, ND
A woman suffers from SUNDS (Sudden Unexpected Nocturnal Death Syndrome), and dies in her sleep from cardiac arrhythmia, brought on by an intense nightmare about a demonic dwarf strangling her that she could not wake up from.
97 Oprah Winfried November 12, 1986 Folsom Prison
Folsom, CA
An obnoxious former death row inmate whose sentence was commuted to life without parole (much to the disgust of his lawyer) is watching The Oprah Winfrey Show on his metallic prison toilet and is electrocuted when he grabs an exposed portion of the power cord in an attempt to fix his TV reception.
412 Em-Bear-Assed April 16, 2001 Mojave Desert
Palmdale, CA
A man under the influence of magic mushrooms comes across a group of furries in animal costumes engaged in sexual encounters around a campfire in the desert and attempts to join in, but is rejected. He mistakes a nearby mother brown bear for one of the participants, and not realizing it is real until too late, he is then mauled to death.
625 Midnight Choker December 18, 2006 Jack's Bar
Gary, IN
A biker impresses fellow bar patrons by swallowing a billiard ball (the 8-ball in particular) and then bringing it back up. He tries to repeat the trick with a cue ball, but the larger-diameter size of the ball prevents him from pushing the ball back up his throat, and he asphyxiates.
269 Window Pained August 22, 1998 Su Su's House
Atlanta, GA
A peeping tom spies on a woman dancing around her house in lingerie. He partially enters a window to get a better look, but is spotted and accidentally hits the window support, the window breaks his neck between the C2 and C3 vertebrae, killing him.

(This has the first instance of an interviewee being kept in shadow for criminal protection, in the case of a voyeur named "Nick")

Episode 5: Dead and Deader[edit]

Originally aired February 15, 2009. Note: This is the second episode not to feature the death of a female.

Title reference: Spoofs the 1994 movie title Dumb and Dumber

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
504 Wel-dead March 13, 2005 House of Steel
Long Beach, CA
An adrenaline junkie working at a metal shop connects a welder to his ear piercings to administer an electric shock and adrenaline rush. He turns the voltage on the welder to the maximum setting, and the electricity disrupts his natural electrical rhythms, causing cardiac arrest.
230 Trailer Thrashed May 1, 1979 Roger's RV Park
Aberdeen, SD
A newly married man attempts to unclog his new RV's toilet with bleach since other attempts to unclog it are unsuccessful. The bleach reacts with the sewage to form chlorine gas, which suffocates him to death.
171 Nite Capped December 31, 2003 Echo Park
Los Angeles, CA
A group of revelers celebrate New Year's Eve by shooting a stray bullet into the air. Unfortunately, the bullet comes back down and hits a man in the shoulder several miles away, the bullet goes through his shoulder and pierces his heart, killing him.
385 Liquor'd September 19, 1983 Dunkeler's Home
Sparta, KY
An alcoholic recovering from throat surgery asks his wife to give him an enema consisting of sherry. The alcohol bypasses his digestive tract and is absorbed directly into his bloodstream unfiltered by the liver, causing alcohol poisoning and he later dies.
197 Dead Eye May 15, 1993 Milhouse High
Glendale, CA
A high school physical education teacher demonstrates the javelin and makes an impressive throw. Running to retrieve the javelin, he turns around and yells to the class, only to impale himself through the eye on the javelin when he turns back around, driving it into his brain.
319 Domin-a-Dead February 27, 2006 The Kitty Patch
Tonopah, NV
A 32-year-old virgin looking to have sex with a hooker is chosen by a dominatrix, who makes him wear a latex suit and a ball gag as she is punishing him. The man soon has an allergic reaction to the latex suit (which he was unaware he had), and ends up dying because he is chained to a bed post and his cries of distress were muffled by the ball gag and the dominatrix thought he was groaning from pleasure, not pain.

Episode 6: Death Gets Busy[edit]

Originally aired February 22, 2009.

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
610 Deep Died October 26, 1999 Tool & Die Works
Akron, OH
A metal shop worker with serious anger issues is fired after his boss and co-workers grow tired of the man's outbursts. When he returns to work to get revenge on his boss, the latter shoves the former in self-defense into a vat of hydrochloric acid, which melts away at the former employee's flesh and internal organs.
892 Gorgeous Gorge May 2, 2004 Beechwood Hotel
New York, NY
A supermodel who uses bulimia to keep herself thin orders everything on the room service hotel menu and stuffs her face with food. When she goes to the bathroom to throw up, her stomach ruptures from eating too much food intake and she dies.
347 Re-Tired June 4, 2005 Ted's Tire Service
Bakersfield, CA
A porn addict reads a dirty magazine while inflating a truck tire. Distracted by the magazine, the man forgets to check on the tire, after a while, the tire explodes from over-inflation, lodging pieces of shrapnel from the metal tire rim into his brain and killing him.
652 Botoxicated August 16, 1998 Debbie's House
Carbondale, IL
A woman desperate to get rid of her wrinkles hires an inexperienced doctor to administer Botox in her home. The man unknowingly injects pure botulinum toxin into her face, resulting in intense pain and paralysis. While lying in a hot tub trying to relax, the woman's entire body becomes paralyzed and she slips underwater to the bottom of the hot tub and drowns.
498 Choke-A-Lot March 27, 1975 Homefood Cafe
Peachtree City, GA
Two dim-witted kitchen aides play by throwing cocoa powder at each other in a confined room. The powder impairs the alveoli in their lungs and they are asphyxiated to death.
629 Sex Ray March 12, 2001 St Jude's Hospital
Jackson, MI
A man is having an x-ray of his head taken when the doctor and nurse begin having sex in the control room. They accidentally hit the exposure button repeatedly while having sex, eventually giving the patient a lethal dose of radiation which fries his brain.

Episode 7: The Lighter Side of Death[edit]

Originally aired March 1, 2009.

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
314 Dung For October 25, 1986 Lucky Days Ranch
Aberdeen, TX
A farmhand on the run from his boss for hitting on the farmer's daughter hides in a manure truck. A load of manure is dumped on the farmhand, suffocating and crushing him.
622 Brain Worms December 21, 1978 (Note: This is the second death on this date) General Hospital
San Francisco, CA
A couple eat live snails and ingest Angiostrongylus cantonensis, parasites that travel through their bloodstreams to their brains, where they feed on their brain matter until the couple dies, with the man revealing to his girlfriend that he's a closet homosexual just before the two die.
401 Abracadaver November 12, 1995 Shyrock Theater
Flint, MI
A second-rate magician attempts to perform the famed "bullet catch trick". He taps the pistol (loaded with blanks) with his wand, not noticing that a piece of it has broken off and fallen into the barrel. When his ex-girlfriend assistant fires the blank in his direction for the illusion, the piece is propelled into his neck, severing his jugular vein, and he bleeds to death.
429 Weed Whacked February 8, 2002 Diablo Desert
Fort Wayne, IN
Two stoners run out of marijuana, so they look for other things to light up. They unwittingly decide on North America's most toxic plant, poison sumac, and are killed from flash pulmonary edema caused by its irritating urushiol fumes.
221 Rebel Without A Pulse July 4, 1867 Stonetop Canyon
Anniston, GA
Soon after the American Civil War, a Confederate deserter is ordered to be executed via firing squad. All of the shooters fire and miss the soldier. However, the intense fear of being shot causes the soldier to die from a heart attack.
510 Kill Basa August 16, 1996 The Brig Disco
New Orleans, LA
A man who wants to impress women with a "large package" uses surgical tubing to tie a 12-inch kielbasa sausage to his upper thigh. However, he ties the sausage so tight that it cuts off his circulation, the blood in his clogged artery forms into a clot over the next several hours, eventually causing him to die of a pulmonary embolism at a night club when it dislodges from the artery and reaches his heart.

Episode 8: The Good, The Bad, and the Dead[edit]

Originally aired March 8, 2009.

Title reference: A spoof of the 1966 movie title The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
770 Face Offed December 21, 2007 The Excalibur Paradise, Nevada A Las Vegas showgirl shaves her legs with a rusty razor blade. When she accidentally cuts herself, she contracts a Group A streptococcal infection, which develops into necrotizing fasciitis ("flesh-eating" bacteria). The bacteria in her blood stream breaks through a pimple on her face and starts eating away at her face, she eventually dies from sepsis.
47 Re-Coiled May 28, 1994 Jake's Domain
Tres Piedras, NM
A survivalist living alone in the wilderness is going to the bathroom, during which time a snake coils itself around his rifle. When he goes to pick the rifle up afterwards, the startled snake pulls the gun's trigger, shooting the man in the chest and killing him.
301 Sucked Offed February 3, 2000 Buffalo Lake
Amarillo, TX
An escaped female convict hides from police for forty-five minutes in a 55 °F (13 °C) lake full of leeches. When she comes out of the water, she is too weak to move from hypothermia and blood loss, and dies of exposure.
312 Re-Formed March 24, 1989 Acme Shipping
Pico, CA
A thief hides in a dumpster, which is then emptied into a garbage truck. When more garbage is emptied on top of him, the thief is trapped and the load of garbage is compacted, crushing him.
963 Fin-ished July 17, 2004 Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu City, AZ
A woman catches a fish for the first time. As she pulls it from the water, it flies through the air and lodges in her throat, the design of the fish's scales prevents her from pulling it out, and she chokes to death.
553 Butt Plugged November 9, 2002 Imperial Highway
El Segundo, CA
A newly released convict driving drunk with a hooker in the front seat shoves a can of pepper spray into his rectum to avoid detection by a police officer who pulls him over. When the officer shoves the con against the truck for talking back to him, the can is activated, soaking the con's rectum with the spray and fatally eating it away.

Episode 9: Death Be Not Stupid[edit]

Originally aired March 15, 2009.

Title reference: A spoof of the poem Death Be Not Proud by John Donne.

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
502 Gas-hole May 19, 2002 Glacier National Park
West Glacier, MT
A wanted drug dealer hides out in the wilderness. Wanting to get drunk but having no booze (and not willing to get caught by authorities by setting foot in a bar or liquor store), he siphons the gasoline from his motorcycle, thinking he can drink it because it contains ethanol. However, he is unable to keep it down, and when he vomits it back up into his campfire, he is engulfed in flames.
1 Ichiboned November 21, 1987 Tanaka Residence
Tokyo, Japan
A young, shy Japanese couple that has been married for seven years are too repressed to even consummate their marriage by making love. One day, after a bottle of plum wine, they try again, and this time succeed, their hearts are not physically ready for such a shock, however, and they both die from cardiac arrest after achieving simultaneous orgasms.
518 Jake N' Baked December 15, 1990 H.A. Metal Works
Long Beach, CA
A narcoleptic metal worker falls asleep in a curing oven. When a friend/co-worker locks him in and turns the oven on to 600 °F for 12 hours, not knowing the man is in the oven, he is burned alive.
734 Die It June 12, 2003 Darlene's House
Evanston, IL
A woman who is desperate to lose weight swallows tapeworm larvae. They eat everything she does, and eventually breed, spread throughout her body, and start eating her internal organs, killing her.
499 Pained Gun September 20, 2006 Simi Valley, CA A pair of high-school boys film themselves doing drive-bys on people with a paintball gun as part of a hare-brained plot to become viral video stars on YouTube. When the gun malfunctions, one of the boys shoots the canister of CO2 at 200 mph into the larynx of his friend, which breaks his neck and kills him. (This features the youngest person to have been killed in the whole series. )
283 Deathliest Catch July 17, 2000 Laguna del Perro
Willard, NM
An easily agitated electrician tries his hand at fishing to calm his nerves, but is frustrated by not being able to make a catch. He strings a 12,000 volt electrical wire into the lake to kill the fish, but accidentally steps barefoot off the wooden boat seat onto the metal of the boat floor, electrocuting himself.

Episode 10: Cure for the Common Death[edit]

Originally aired March 22, 2009.

Title reference: Play-on words to the saying "Cure for the Common Cold".

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
77 Red, White and Blew July 4, 1983 Happy's Trailer Park
Lawrence, KS
A group of rednecks attempt to celebrate the Fourth of July by launching a firework from a homemade launcher. When it fails to work, one of them looks down the barrel of the launcher and the firework explodes in his face, shattering his skull into his brain. (Note: this clip features a Wilhelm scream)
756 Bank Ruptured December 21, 1978 (Note: this is the third death on this date) Chateau Cousteau
Bordeaux, France
A man with the eating disorder pica syndrome manages to fill his stomach with metal objects, which eventually cut the surrounding veins and arteries, filling his stomach with blood. His stomach soon bursts and spills blood and undigested metal objects into his abdomen.
66 Guitar Zeros July 23, 2005 Beijing, China Two Chinese heavy metal music lovers spend their nights doing air guitar and listening to loud music while jumping back and forth on their beds. On this particular occasion, one of the men slips off the bed next to the window and falls six stories to his death, his friend, not willing to live life without him, gives one last "warrior yell", then follows suit and jumps out after him. (This is the first episode in season one to feature an accidental death, followed by a suicide).
196 Radium Girls January 5, 1920 U.S. Radium Corp.
Orange, NJ
In the 1920s, a group of women who work at a factory that uses paint containing radium to create fluorescent watch faces notice that the paint also glows when applied to their skin. They eventually expose themselves to huge amounts of radiation after repeated applications (mostly using the radioactive paint as glow-in-the-dark body paint for their lovers during sex). While most of them died from bone cancer, the survivors filed one of the first successful workers' rights lawsuits against the company and won, leading to increased safety standards in American workplaces.
638 Oz Holed August 18, 2001 Bonelli Park
San Dimas, CA
Two teenagers obsessed with rock legend Ozzy Osbourne snort fire ants in celebration of Ozzfest, believing an urban legend that Osbourne had supposedly done the same with fellow rocker Nikki Sixx. The ants immediately latch onto their nasal passages and trachea and proceed to bite and sting them repeatedly, causing swelling and eventual suffocation. (This features the first, and only, time one of the interviewees actually makes an appearance in the segment itself, with animal trainer Jules Sylvester coming out and chastising the two dead teenagers about what led to their death.)
710 Tanked Girl December 21, 1978 (Note: this is the fourth death on this date) Decompression Chamber
St. Augustine, FL
A female scuba diver waits in a decompression chamber after making an emergency swim back to the surface. A maintenance worker, not knowing the diver is in the room, releases the pressure of the room, causing her body to instantly explode.

Episode 11: Death: A User's Manual[edit]

Originally aired March 29, 2009.

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
117 Gut Busted February 20, 1998 Bucket-O-Wings
Naperville, NV
An obese man starts belching constantly while on a date due to numerous peptic ulcers in the lining of his stomach rupturing. Thinking the belching is simply due to gas, he asks his date to punch him in the stomach to help stop it. Instead, the impact causes his stomach to burst, leaking acid into his abdomen and killing him.
417 DestRoid October 24, 2003 Gould's Gym
Seattle, WA
A body builder who uses anabolic steroids and human growth hormones on a daily basis dies of a heart attack due to cardiomyopathy caused by the steroids.
78 Text Dead August 19, 2005 Rigfield Plaza
Irvine, CA
A man is texting his girlfriend while driving, asking about where she should be picked up. Unaware that the two's paths are about to meet, the man accidentally runs over his girlfriend in his pickup truck when she unknowingly steps out in front of it.
210 Pissed Off July 3, 1992 Cross River Links
Monrovia, CA
An Irishman on a golf course in the United States is recovering his ball from the rough when a rat runs up his pants leg, scratches his leg, and urinates on him. The urine seeps into the scratch, causing leptospirosis, which kills him a week later.
222 Car Jacked June 5, 2004 Manatee, FL A car thief attempts to steal a muscle car by descending from the garage ceiling by a rope. His leg becomes tangled in his rope, leaving him suspended upside down. Unable to free himself, the thief eventually dies from rising blood pressure and multiple strokes caused by the venous hemorrhaging in his skull after 48 hours.
201 Blown Job August 11, 2007 Miami, OH A disgruntled, alcoholic clown, who ironically was coulrophobic as a child, drives to a birthday party for his next job. When he stops short in front of the party, a canister of CO2 rolls up against his seat, inflating a giant balloon while he is still in the car. He is too drunk to sense the danger until it is too late, and the balloon presses him against the windshield and he suffocates.

Episode 12: I See Dead People (And They're Cracking Me Up)[edit]

Originally aired April 5, 2009. Note: This is the third episode not to feature the death of a female.

Title reference: Popular quote from the 1999 movie The Sixth Sense.

Death # "Event" Name Date of Death Location Circumstances of Death
447 Water Logged August 12, 2007 The Reservoir
New River, AZ
A college student jumps from a cliff into a lake and hits the water at an angle and speed that causes water to rush into his rectum, rupturing his large intestine. He passes out from massive internal bleeding and pain and drowns.
302 Funny Boned January 19, 1997 Lindsey's Pub
Mesa, AZ
An easily amused man dies of cardiac arrest after laughing for 36 hours straight over an unknown (and unmentioned) punchline to a joke.
72 Bowed Out November 21, 1995 Owanda Steel Corp.
Kobe, Japan
A nervous Japanese man and his future boss bow to each other. They accidentally bump heads, which causes an unknown aneurysm inside the would-be employee's brain to rupture, and he dies.
277 You're So Vein July 5, 2007 Statesvillee Prison
Albuquerque, NM
An inmate being executed by lethal injection initially does not react to the chemicals that were injected, because the strap restraining his arm is acting as a tourniquet. When his restraints are undone, he confronts the witnesses and angrily tosses a chair and breaks the window, scaring the witnesses away, but before he can do anymore, the poison takes effect and spreads through his body, finally killing him.
85 Doggie Style April 2, 2001 La Paz Liquor Store
Jasper, TN
A drunk shoplifter flees a convenience store with just a hot dog. He shoves the whole thing down his throat and chokes to death on it.
403 Heart On October 19, 2005 Hillendale Ranch
Tooele County, UT
A mentally unstable man attaches jumper cables to a cow heart he bought from a slaughterhouse and tries to use it as a sex toy. At first, he attaches the cow heart to a car battery, but when it does not work for him, he tries hooking it up to a 110-volt wall socket, and is electrocuted.

Escaped Deaths[edit]

This season featured a list of segments in which the survivors tell the tale of how they evaded death.

Episode Date of Story Location Survivors
Speedway Kills February 11, 1990[2][3] Daytona Speedway
Daytona Beach, FL
Paramedic Mike Staley
Para-Shot October 9, 2005[4] Siloam Springs, AR Parachute Jumper Shayna Richardson
MotorcyKilled July 12, 1998 Lake El Mirage
San Bernardino, CA
Motorcycle Racer Ron Cook
Hell-i-C**kter April 11, 1989 Milwaukee, WI Helicopter Pilot Benjamin Moore
Hawaiian Death January 25, 1993 Oahu, HI Tourist Hugh Alexander
Car Blown August 12, 2000 Spanaway Speedway
Tacoma, WA
Stock Car Racer Mike Easley
Boat offed February 24, 1985 Firebird Raceway
Firebird Lake, AZ
Drag Boat Racer Sunny Moon
Gulf Up February 20, 1991 USS Roosevelt
Persian Gulf
Aviation Boatswain Mate J.D. Bridges
Plane Crashed November 23, 1996 Comoros, Indian Ocean Plane Crash Survivors
Sky-die-ver April 23, 2003 Skydive DeLand
DeLand, FL
Skydiver Chris Colwell
D**k sucked May 5, 2005 Mexico City, Mexico Producer/Actor Sergio Mayer
I Flipped Offed <*> January 29, 2003 Punta Gorda, FL Snake Handler David Weathers


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