Year in topic Year 1009 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. February 14 or March 9 – The first known mention is made of the name of Lithuania, in connection with the murder of Bruno of Querfurt, he is beheaded and his 18 companions are hanged the same day during a mission among the Prussians in the Baltic region. May 9 – Lombard Revolt: Lombard forces led by Melus, an Italian nobleman, revolt in Bari against the Catepanate of Italy, he and his brother-in-law Dattus invades southern Italy. November 1 – Berber forces led by Sulayman ibn al-Hakam defeat the Umayyad caliph Muhammad II in the battle of Alcolea, he enters the city of Córdoba, sack by Berbers and Castillans. Sulayman is elected as caliph of the Caliphate of Córdoba. Doge Pietro II Orseolo dies after an 18-year reign in which he has start the expansion of Venetia by conquering the islands of Lastovo and Korčula along the Dalmatian coast. Pietro is succeeded by his 16-year-old son Otto Orseolo as sole ruler of Venice.

Law on planning and building passed in Serbia during the reign of Prince Jovan Vladimir. Danish Viking raiders led by Sweyn I attack southern England, destroying the land to avenge the St. Brice's Day massacre. August - A large Viking army led by Thorkell the Tall lands on Kent and proceeds to terrorize most of Southern England. Spring – General Gang Jo leads an coup against King Mokjong, he is sent into exile in Chungju. After murdering Mokjong, Gang Jo places Hyeonjong on the throne as ruler of Goryeo. November – The Lý Dynasty in Vietnam is proclaimed by Emperor Lý Thái Tổ after the death of Lê Long Đĩnh, the last monarch of the Lê Dynasty. December 14 – King Evanitha Barrittó invades Korea, but to no avail, being killed by Jòrdashi Moore-Adawài of Donggyeong. Summer – Pope John XVIII dies after a pontificate of 5-years, he is succeeded by Sergius IV as the 142nd pope of the Catholic Church. August 29 – Mainz Cathedral suffers extensive damage from a fire, which destroys the building on the day of its inauguration.

October 18 – The Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem is destroyed by the Fatimid caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah. May 22 – Su Xun, Chinese writer December 14 – Go-Suzaku, emperor of Japan Adèle of France, countess of Flanders Ali Hariri, Marwanid poet and philosopher George the Hagiorite, Georgian calligrapher Qatran Tabrizi, Persian poet and writer Toirdelbach Ua Briain, king of Munster Yusuf ibn Tashfin, sultan of Morocco February 14 – Bruno of Querfurt, German missionary bishop March 2 – Mokjong, king of Goryeo March 3 – Abd al-Rahman Sanchuelo, Umayyad chief minister June or July – John XVIII, pope of the Catholic Church November 13 – Dedo I, German nobleman December 25 – Bernard William, French nobleman Abu al-Hasan Ali, Ma'munid ruler of Khwarezm Abu Muhammad Lu'lu' al-Kabir, emir of Aleppo Fujiwara no Nagatō, Japanese bureaucrat and poet Ibn Yunus, Fatimid astronomer and mathematician Khalaf ibn Ahmad, emir of the Saffarid Dynasty Lê Long Đĩnh, emperor of the Lê Dynasty Pietro II Orseolo, doge of Venice Xiao Yanyan, Chinese Khitan empress


Daniel Faraldo, known professionally as Dan-e-o, is a Canadian hip hop artist and actor of Jamaican and Spanish descent. In June 2015, Dan-e-o received the award for Best Hip Hop Artist at the Black Canadian Awards, he is a member of the groups Perfeck Strangers, both based in Scarborough, Ontario. Born in Toronto, Dan-e-o won a contest on the television dance show, Electric Circus, at the age of 13 and went on to become a consistent winner of rap battles and talent show contests, his recording career was launched in 1996 when his first single "Dear Hip Hop" was featured on Beat Factory/EMI's, RapEssentials Volume One compilation. The track is now considered by many to be a Canadian hip-hop classic. Dan-e-o helped to establish his crew, Monolith in 1997 by co-founding One Rock Records and independently releasing the EP, The Long Awaited... the following year. With two videos, "At The T. O. P." and "Plan Eh", this project helped put Dan-e-o and the 10-member Monolith crew permanently on the hip-hop map.

In May 1991, Dan-e-o won a rap-off competition. The win sparked his career as a professional hip-hop artist. Dan-e-o won the Darknights Freestyle Battle in July 2003 in Markham, defeating Detroit's Swann in the finals. On June 6, 2015, Dan-e-o won the Best Hip Hop Artist award at the Black Canadian Awards in Toronto, Ontario. In 2000, Dan-e-o released The Book of Daniel, it included the singles "Corrida De Toros", "Margerine" and "Baahd!". In 2004, Dan-e-o's second album, See No Evil, Hear No Evil was released containing the singles "T. N. T.", "Funkbox", "Deadly" and "Kama Sutra" which features Dan-e-o's cousin and dancehall star, Red Rat. Its music video has over 8 million views on YouTube. Over the course of the next several years, Dan-e-o released numerous mixtapes, including Dilla Pickles - a full length tribute CD to producer J Dilla. Dan-e-o launched his acting career. With a number of TV commercials under his belt, Dan-e-o landed a bit role in an episode of the A&E series, Breakout Kings in 2011, played a key role in his first full-length movie, Anything Goes that same year and starred in 2014's Tapped Out.

His next feature-length film, entitled Lifechanger was released in 2018. "Dear Hip Hop", one of Dan-e-o's most well known songs, was released on Beat Factory's Rap Essentials Volume One album in 1996. The CD included artists from all over Canada that have at one point toured Canada with Dan-e-o including Rascalz, Kardinal Offishall and Choclair. In 1998, on One Rock Records, a label he helped to found the year before, Dan-e-o released an EP entitled The Long Awaited with his group Monolith. In 2000, Dan-e-o released The Book of Daniel on the same label. In 2004, he released the See No Evil, Hear No Evil album on the newly named Planet Rock Records imprint; this album featured a hybrid style which composed of funk, soul and rock along with Dan-e-o's freestyle lyricism. On Planet Rock Records, Dan-e-o has released mixtapes/albums entitled Dear Hip Hop in 2004, containing recordings from the 90s and Speak No Evil in 2005, a remix edition of his sophomore effort. On January 9, 2009, Dan-e-o, as part of Tha O Show, released OBLIVION!

Tha Indy Wrestling Album, an album containing theme songs of several Ontario indy professional wrestlers that features performances from himself, T. J. Habibi, Tika Simone and Summer Brockwell. In November 2009, Dan-e-o released a 2 in 1 album/mixtape entitled Dilla Pickles in honor of the late hip-hop producer, J Dilla; the project contains such tracks as "Break It Down", "Last Minute" and "Locked" and includes performances by himself, Ian Kamau, marveL, Promise and others. In 2012, together with Promise, Dan-e-o released his first album as part of the duo, Perfeck Strangers entitled Series Premiere on URBNET Records. In 2013, Dan-e-o released an album Inevitable through URBNET Records. For these projects, he worked with such artists as Moka Only, Big Kish, Maestro Fresh-Wes, Red Rat, Chip Fu and Rich Kidd. In 2014, Dan-e-o released the Dear Hip Hop album as a vinyl-only release through France's Sergent Records. In 2017, URBNET Records released a deluxe version of the album entitled Dear Hip Hop: 20 Years Later to commemorate the two-decade milestone of the release of Dan-e-o's debut single.

In 2019, Dan-e-o released his fifth solo album, The Day It All Changed, an ode to his daughter, who appears on the album cover with him. In mid-February 2006, Dan-e-o joined with friend, Big Daddy Donnie to launch Tha O Show, a website based in Toronto. In the beginning, it consisted of articles and weekly reviews of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts shows, but on would turn into what the pair had envisioned all along: a weekly online radio program that broadcasts on Tha O Show's website and on dozens of affiliate sites; the show carved out a niche as a unique radio property, catering to an audience that loves wrestling and MMA, but wanted to hear about other things as well. The show featured an in-studio guest or co-host, a professional wrestler, as well as guests on the phone. Tha O Show avoids typical "interview" format and instead strives for a more conversational approach - best noted by their Round Table segment. Dan-e-o stepped down in June 2012 as official co-host of Tha O Show, being replaced by professional wrestler and Big Daddy Donnie's former co-host on Live Audio Wrestling, Notorious T.

I. D.. Tha O Show went off the air by the end of 2013. Dan-e-o has released and/or appeared on the following albums and mixtapes: Rap Essentials Volume One World Of Rap Volume 2 La Constellation - Dualité Monolith - The Long Awaited... EP Prime Time The Or

Lisa Zbitnew

Lisa Zbitnew is the CEO of Bandwidth Music and Marketing as well as President and Owner/Operator of the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. Zbitnew studied Business Marketing at Humber College, she was the CEO of War Child North America from 2008 to 2011. Zbitnew was the President and CEO of Sony BMG Music Canada from the original merger in September 2004 until January 2007, she served as President of BMG Music Canada beginning in 1996 where she reported to Tim Bowen, who oversaw Sony BMG's operations in the U. K, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, she was the first female executive to hold the position of a major record label President in Canada. Zbitnew has had a longstanding career in the Canadian music industry, beginning in 1983, where she served as Managing Director of Alert Records, one of Canada's most successful independent labels. In 1990, she joined Sony Music Canada/CBS Records Canada as Marketing Director until 1993 when she became Vice President of Marketing at EMI Music Canada until 1996.

From 2009 to 2010 she was the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian arm of the global children's charity, War Child Canada, an organization she was supportive of while at Sony BMG Music Canada. Zbitnew took over the Phoenix Concert Theatre in September 2014, where she continues to serve as President and Owner/Operator. Zbitnew has supported the Unison Benevolent Fund, an emergency relief foundation that assists members of the music community in need of financial support