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This is a toll free emergency number to get into the contact with the police in India,[1] Greece and Israel. Dialing 100 automatically will get connected to the nearest police station; in case of police emergency, dial 100. All though, this is effective there's a down fall to using the 100 (emergency telephone number), in certain areas of India, Greece, and Israel this can make it hard for citizens to connect to the local landlines (Jagadeesh, 2014). Not being able to contact local authorities can create conflicts when there are situations that are out of hand, this is an effective one call emergency number would need to be improved for future to improve landlines in these countries.

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100 is a common police Emergency number in India , now 112 is also being launched as a common Emergency number

However you may call your regional police station by visiting regional police website or getting them from www.indianhelpline.com