100 Contemporary Artists A-Z

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100 Contemporary Artists A-Z
Taschen's "100 Contemporary Artists A-Z".jpg
Taschen's "100 Contemporary Artists A-Z", on a Wikipedian's table.
Editor Hans Werner Holzwarth
Country Germany
Language English, French, German
Subject Contemporary art
Genre Visual art
Publisher TASCHEN
Publication date
October 1, 2009
Media type Print (hardcover)
Pages 704[1][2]
ISBN 978-3836514903
OCLC 748978420

100 Contemporary Artists A-Z (ISBN 978-3836514903) is a two-volume edition contemporary art compendium. It is the 25th anniversary special edition and it features one hundred contemporary artists from TASCHEN's seminal Art Now! 4[1] and Art at the Turn of the Millennium series.[3][4] The biographies are available in English, French and German. The compilation has been edited by Hans Werner Holzwarth.[1][5][6]

Contents of the book[edit]

There are one hundred contemporary artists featured in 100 Contemporary Artists A-Z. In the first of the two-volume edition, 100 Contemporary Artists A-K there are forty-nine artists and fifty-one in the second volume, 100 Contemporary Artists L-Z. On the front cover of the first volume is a representation of Peter Doig's Figures in Red Boat (2005–07) and on the back cover Olafur Eliasson's The Weather Project (2003) is represented. The second volume features on the front cover Wolfgang Tillmans' Freischwimmer 20 (2003) while the back cover highlights Kara Walker's For the Benefit of All the Races of Mankind (2002).[7]


A review by ABC News described 100 Contemporary Artists A-Z as "[...] a comprehensive study of contemporary art at the beginning of the 21st century. At 704 pages, it's nearly 12 pounds of art for your viewing pleasure"[2] while The Independent found it "pretty well compulsory reading for anyone who hopes to keep up with all that is newest and grooviest in the contemporary art world."[8] Goodreads's rating is 4,23 out of forty-three ratings[9] and bestsellers rank is 34,352 according to Book Depository.[10]

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