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100 Marathon Club
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The 100 Marathon Club or British 100 Marathon Club is a club for marathon and ultra marathon runners.[1] It has a membership that is primarily based in the UK,[2] but with additional members from outside Britain. It is affiliated to UK Athletics.

Club membership[edit]

The club has two types of membership; full and associate. Full membership is available to anyone who has run at least 100 marathons or ultra marathons (ultras), whereas for associate membership, a runner only needs to have run at least 50 marathons or ultras. Associate members are also known as Wannabes and are not permitted to wear the official club kit. On reaching their 100th marathon though, associate members in becoming full members, are also able to obtain a commemorative medal from the club.

Club activities[edit]

The club has an annual Challenge Competition that is centred on members taking part in designated distance races within the UK and Ireland.

The club membership includes many prolific marathon runners who have run many more than 100 marathons, including Brian Mills who completed his 1000th marathon in 2014, Collette O’Hagan a 67-year-old, who became the first women in Ireland to run 400 marathons, in June 2016[3][4][5] and Steve Edwards who became the first person in the world to run 500 marathons averaging under 3 hours and 30 minutes in 2010.[6][7]

The club also has a group on Facebook.[8]

Club kit[edit]

The kit colour is predominantly blue with yellow and includes the club logo on the front in yellow, green and red, and also on the back in just yellow.

Other 100 Marathon Clubs[edit]

There are other 100 Marathon Clubs outside the UK, unconnected with the British one, including:


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