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100 Milionë is a 2011 Albanian live quiz show which was broadcast by Top Channel. The show was hosted by Eno Popi, and it debuted on 1 February 2011. The show is based on the 2010 British game show The Million Pound Drop. The show drew 903,500 viewers in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro.[citation needed] Contestants consisted of a couple (e.g. sisters, brothers, married couple).

Game format[edit]

Every show is broadcast live and the clock is shown on the screen every 15 minutes. The contestants should have a preexisting relationship. The number of the questions is 7. The couple has to choose between two categories. The alternatives for the first 4 questions are 4 and for the last 3 questions are 3 or 2. The couple has to place the money, separating them, into 3 or 2 trap doors. For every question one trap door should be empty, without money on it. They have 1 minute to separate the money and the trap doors are opened 2 by 2, or 1 by 1. At the end of each question the couple collects the money and places it again on the base (if they had won any bundle). Each bundle consists of 2,000 dollars and there are 50 bundles.


Since now this show has only one "hero" which is the team of Ola and Gerti. They won 2,000 dollars or 200,000 Albanian Lek.


One of the unluckiest couples was Shpresa and Vlima. They lost all the 100,000,000 Albanian lek on the 1st question. Later it was discovered that there had been a technical problem with the trap doors, and the couple was invited to play again. However, they lost again, on the 2nd question.