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The main entrance to the Vanderbilt Health facilities at 100 Oaks Mall

100 Oaks Mall (sometimes written out as One Hundred Oaks Mall) is a shopping mall located three miles south of downtown Nashville, Tennessee along Interstate 65 and Tennessee State Route 155. Neighborhoods and cities around the area include Berry Hill, Woodbine and Oak Hill.[1]


The mall was Nashville's second enclosed shopping area, originally opening in 1968, after Harding Mall opened the year before.[2] Original tenants included JCPenney, Woolco and Harveys. It closed in 1983,[3] although Burlington Coat Factory opened in the former Woolco in 1985.[4] The mall fully reopened in 1989 but began declining again soon afterward.[5] Belz Enterprises re-developed the center in 1995 as an outlet mall, introducing big box stores such as Michael's, Media Play, and TJ Maxx.[1]

Following an extensive renovation in 2008, the bottom floor of the mall remains open for retail, with major tenants including hhgregg (now defunct),[6] Kirkland's,[7] Electronic Express,[8] and PetSmart.[9] The upper floor and office building are now used for medical clinics and administrative offices operated by Vanderbilt University Medical Center.[10][11]

Preceded by
Harding Mall
Nashville, Tennessee
Largest mall in Tennessee
Succeeded by
Rivergate Mall
Goodlettsville, Tennessee


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