100 dragspel och en flicka

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100 dragspel och en flicka
Directed by Ragnar Frisk
Produced by Erik Bergstrand
Written by Torsten Lundqvist
Starring Elof Ahrle, Ingrid Backlin, Bengt Logardt
Music by Jules Sylvain
AB Rex Film
Release date
  • 31 January 1946 (1946-01-31) (Sweden)
Running time
90 minutes
Country Sweden
Language Swedish

100 dragspel och en flicka ("100 Accordions and One Girl") is a Swedish comedy film from 1946 directed by Ragnar Frisk. The film's title is a reference to One Hundred Men and a Girl.[1]


Two inventors, Ville and Rulle (Elof Ahrle and Bengt Logardt) have developed a revolutionary new accordion; however, they have competition. Twelve-year-old Pelle Borell (Anders Nyström) gets to show off the instrument in front of the Swedish accordion elite in Stockholm.


The film was positively received at the time of its release, with Elof Ahrle receiving particular praise. Stockholmstidningen wrote: "Ahrle gets his best comical role in a long time". Aftontidningen wrote: "A film that will go straight into the Swedish people's heart. Elof Ahrle's character has the potential to become a future classic." Expressen gave the film a more negative review, while still praising Ahrle.[1]


The film was first screened in Sundsvall on 31 January 1946.

Selected cast[edit]

  • Elof Ahrle - Ville Karlsson
  • Ingrid Backlin - Siv Jonsson
  • Bengt Logardt - Rudolf Berg
  • Anita Björk - Elsa Borell
  • Gösta Cederlund - grandfather Julius "Julle" Borell
  • Anders Nyström - Pelle Borell, Elsa's brother
  • Carl-Gunnar Wingård - factory owner Jonsson, Siv's father, owner of Svenska Dragspelsfabriken
  • Bertil Berglund - Nils Andersson-Grip, supervisor of Svenska Dragspelsfabriken
  • Evert Granholm - Hjelm, representative of Speilmans Dragspelsfabrik
  • Arne Lindblad - manager Speilman, owner of Speilmans Dragspelfabrik
  • Stina Sorbon - Viola
  • Birgit Johannesson - Miss Lange, guest at restaurant Verona
  • Sigge Fürst - host
  • Lasse Benny - accordion player
  • Stefan Dahlén - accordion player
  • Allan Eriksson - accordion player
  • Erik Frank - accordion player
  • Karl Grönstedt - accordion player
  • Hans-Erik Nääs - accordion player
  • Sölve Strand - accordion player
  • Ivan Thelmé - accordion player
  • Andrew Walter - accordion player
  • Gösta Westerlund - accordion player


The film was released on DVD in 2004.


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