100 new shekel banknote

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One Hundred New shekels
One Hundred New sheqalim
Value 100
Width 71 mm
Height 138 mm
Years of printing Series B: 1999-present,
Series A: 1986-1999
100 NIS Bill Obverse & Reverse.jpg
Design Portrait of Itzhak Ben-Zvi; picture of the interior of the wooden structure which served as the President's residence; text from the speech given by Ben-Zvi at the first assembly of the Yemenite community held at his residence in 1953.
Design date Series B: 3 January 1999
Design Picture of Peki'in Synagogue in the Galilee village of Peki'in, and a view of Peki'in; text from Ben-Zvi's speech at the inauguration for his second term.
Designer Naomi Rosner and Meir Eshel

The one hundred new shekel note (₪100) is a banknote of the Israeli new shekel, It was first issued in Series A 1986 with the Series B in 1999.[1][2]


Design in New Shekel Series B[edit]

Security features[edit]

  • Latent image: A triangle in the right-hand corner.
  • Watermark: Portrait of Itzhak Ben-Zvi and a small circle beneath it enclosing the initial of his surname (in Hebrew).
  • Security thread: Threaded through the paper below the middle of the note.
  • Microtext: To the right of the main text with titles of nine books written by Itzhak Ben-Zvi.
  • Optical Variable Ink: A triangle composed of small squares, with the apex pointing to the right.
  • See-through: A small triangle printed on either side of the note; the two triangles form a precise Star of David.
  • Serial numbers: Once in orange and once in black which reflects UV light.

Design in New Shekel Series A[edit]

₪100 issued in 1986 (New Shekel Series A banknote)


Portrait of Itzhak Ben-Zvi; to the right, In nine lines legible under a magnifying glass, the titles of his nine books; a background depicting a group of people representing different ethnic communities in Israel: the denomination "One Hundred New Sheqalim" and "Bank of Israel" in Hebrew.


A view of Peki'in village, researched by Ben-Zvi, including the synagogue, a carob tree and a cave; an ancient stone candelabrum, the denomination "100 New Sheqalim" and "Bank of Israel" in Arabic and English.

Security Features[edit]

  • Watermark: Portrait of Itzhak Ben-Zvi.
  • Security thread: In the middle of the note.
  • Look-through: A triangle on the front merges with a triangle on the back to form a Star of David when held against the light.


The current ₪100 in circulation is the Series B issued from 1999, it measures 71 x 138 mm with a brown color scheme. The ₪100 Series A bank notes were issued from 1986 to 1999 and measured 76 x 138 mm with a brown color scheme. The ₪100 Series A bank notes were withdrawn from circulation by 2005.


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