Year in topic Year 1015 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. Emperor Henry II launches a German expedition against Duke Bolesław I, he is stopped by Bolesław's forces at Krosno on the Oder River. July 15 – Vladimir I dies at Berestove after a 35-year reign, he is succeeded by his son Sviatopolk I as Grand Prince of Kiev. Summer – King Cnut the Great of Denmark launches an invasion of Mercia and Northumbria in England. Earl Eric Haakonsson outlaws berserkers in Norway. Olaf Haraldsson declares himself King of Norway. Andrew I, king of Hungary Altmann, bishop of Passau Ermesinda of Bigorre, queen of Aragon Eustace II, count of Boulogne Ferdinand I, king of León and Castile Frozza Orseolo, margravine of Austria Harald Hardrada, king of Norway Herman IV, duke of Swabia John Komnenos, Byzantine aristocrat Michael V, Byzantine emperor Otto II, margrave of Montferrat Robert Guiscard, Norman nobleman Roger de Beaumont, Norman nobleman February 5 – Adelaide, German abbess and saint February 13 – Gilbert of Meaux, French bishop July 15 – Vladimir I, Grand Prince of Kiev September 1 – Gero II, margrave of the Saxon Ostmark September 12 – Lambert I, count of Louvain December 14 – Arduin of Ivrea, king of Italy December 20 – Eido I, bishop of Meissen Æthelmær the Stout, English ealdorman Al-Sharif al-Radi, Persian Shi'ite scholar Gavril Radomir, emperor of Bulgaria Geoffrey, count of Eu Herbert III, count of Vermandois Hugh III, count of Maine Ibn Furak, Muslim imam and theologian Irene of Larissa, empress of Bulgaria Liu Zong, Chinese official of the Song Dynasty Masawaih al-Mardini, Syrian physician and writer Morcar, English minister Owain ap Dyfnwal, king of Strathclyde Rodulf of Ivry, Norman nobleman Sigeferth, English chief minister Vikramaditya V, Indian ruler of the Chalukya Empire

David Nelson (footballer)

David Nelson was a Scottish professional football wing half and manager, who played in the Football League for Brentford, Queens Park Rangers, Arsenal and Crystal Palace. A wing half, Nelson began his career with hometown junior club Douglas Water Thistle, before moving to Scottish League Second Division club St Bernard's in January 1936, he scored seven goals in 12 appearances during the second half of the 1935–36 season and left the club in May 1963. Nelson moved to England to sign for First Division club Arsenal for a £200 fee in May 1936, he made just 9 appearances before the Second World War broke out in September 1939, but had experienced some joy in the reserve team, winning the London Combination in 1936–37, 1937–38 and 1938–29. He made 164 appearances for the Gunners during the war and made further competitive appearances during the 1945–46 and 1946–47 seasons, before leaving Highbury in December 1946. Nelson scored four goals in over a decade with Arsenal. Nelson guested for Motherwell, Clapton Orient, Tottenham Hotspur and Chesterfield during the Second World War and made three appearances for Southern League club Colchester United during the 1945–46 season.

Nelson joined Second Division club Fulham in December 1946 and remained at Craven Cottage until August 1947. He scored four goals for the club. Nelson and Fulham teammate Peter Buchanan signed for newly relegated Second Division club Brentford in a £6,000 deal in August 1947, he was a regular at wing half and departed Griffin Park in February 1950, having made 113 appearances and scored five goals. Nelson transferred to Second Division club Queens Park Rangers in February 1950, in an exchange deal for Bill Pointon, he departed having made 31 appearances. Nelson dropped down to the Third Division South to sign for Crystal Palace in March 1952, but made just 12 appearances before departing the following year. Nelson saw out his career with a player-manager spell at Kent League club Ashford Town between March 1953 and December 1955. Nelson served as a sergeant in the British Army during the Second World War

Serhiy Kiral

Serhiy Ivanovych Kiral is a Ukrainian politician, Member of Parliament of Ukraine of 8th convocation from Samopomich Union and former Head of the Department for International Economy and Investments on Lviv City Council. Kiral again took part in the July 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election for Samopomich on its national election list, but in the election the party won 1 seat while only scoring 0.62% of the national vote. Serhiy Kiral was born in Ukrainian town Sokal, Lviv Oblast and attended local School#3 with specialisation in English language, which he graduated with honours in 1992; the same year he enrolled into Lviv State I. Franko University, the faculty of English Language and Literature, which he graduated in 1997 with Specialist degree. In 2002 he received an MBA from Lviv Management School, specialising in international business and management of organisations; as a part of learning experience, Kiral attended courses abroad in Spain, Canada. Starting career as an interpreter, in 2002 Kiral decided to launch the business in consulting.

Kiral was Head of the Department for International Investments on Lviv City Council. He is fluent in English and Polish, has basic knowledge of Spanish and French. Kiral is married and has three children