Year 1016 was a leap year starting on Sunday of the Julian calendar. March 25 – Battle of Nesjar: Olaf Haraldsson is victorious over former co-regent Sweyn Haakonsson, confirming his status as king of Norway. April 23 – Æthelred II, king of England, dies after a 38-year reign, he is succeeded by his son Edmund II. Summer – Battle of Brentford: Edmund II defeats the Danes under King Cnut the Great. July 6 – Battle of Pontlevoy: French forces of Fulk III and Herbert I defeat Odo II which determines the balance of power in the Loire Valley. October 18 – Battle of Assandun: Cnut the Great defeats Edmund II, leaving the latter as king of Wessex. November 30 – Edmund II dies and Cnut the Great takes control of the whole of the Kingdom of England; the Pisan and the Genoese republics launch a naval offensive against the Muslim strongholds of Sardinia, in particular Porto Torres, defeat the fleet of the taifa king of Dénia, Mujāhid al-ʿĀmirī. Melus of Bari makes a second attempt against Byzantine-held Southern Italy.

To support his cause, he hires Norman mercenaries, unwittingly triggering the rise of Norman rule over southern Italy. Georgius Tzul, ruler of Khazaria, is captured by a combined Byzantine Empire–Kievan Rus' force, which ends Khazaria's existence. January 7 – Fath al-Qal'i, governor of the Citadel of Aleppo, revolts against Emir Mansur ibn Lu'lu', forcing him to flee. Fath takes control of Aleppo. March 10 – Emperor Sanjō abdicates the throne after a 5-year reign, he is succeeded by his 7-year-old cousin Go-Ichijō as the 68th emperor of Japan. April 3 – Xing Zong, emperor of the Liao Dynasty June 9 – Deokjong, ruler of Goryeo July 25 – Casimir I, duke of Poland August 24 – Fujiwara no Genshi, Japanese empress October 28 – Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor Cao and regent of the Song Dynasty Edward the Exile, son of Edmund II Không Lộ, Vietnamese Zen master Minamoto no Tsunenobu, Japanese nobleman Svein Knutsson, king of Norway Yan Vyshatich, Kievan nobleman April 23 – Æthelred II, king of England May 22 – Jovan Vladimir, Serbian prince October 18 Ælfric of Hampshire, English nobleman Eadnoth I, bishop of Dorchester Ulfcytel Snillingr, English nobleman November 30 – Edmund II, king of England Badis ibn Mansur, Muslim emir of the Zirid Dynasty Henry II, count of Stade Liu Chenggui, official of the Song Dynasty Simeon of Mantua, Armenian Benedictine monk Sulayman ibn al-Hakam, caliph of Córdoba Uhtred the Bold, English nobleman Wulfgar of Abingdon, English abbot

San Joaquin General Hospital

San Joaquin General Hospital is a 196-bed public teaching hospital located within the San Joaquin County area of French Camp, United States. San Joaquin General Hospital, funded by San Joaquin County established in 1857, is a general acute care facility providing a full range of inpatient services including General Medical/Surgical Care, High-Risk Obstetrics and Neonatal Intensive Care and Acute Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; the hospital is the only trauma center serving the 700,000 residents of San Joaquin County. San Joaquin General Hospital is a primary stroke center and the county's EMS base station; the county's EMS administrative and education facility is adjacent to the hospital. The hospital offers physician residencies in family medicine, internal medicine, general surgery; the physician residencies are affiliated with the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. The hospital has a pharmacy residency program, is a teaching site for the University of the Pacific School of Pharmacy.

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2015–16 Senegal Premier League

The 2015–16 Ligue 1 is the 51st season of top-tier football in Senegal and the eighth professional season. The season began on 8 November 2015. Gorée, an island based club though plays at Dakar's stadium clinched their fourth league title and first since 1984 in the league's final week with a 3-0 road win over last-place Olympique Ngor. In the cup competition, NGB ASC Niarry Tally, winner of the 2015 Senegalese Cup will participate for the first time in the 2017 CAF Confederation Cup the following season. Gorée participated in Ligue 2 and finished second in the previous season, one of the few clubs, in the top of second-tier competition last season to win a title of a first tier competition in West Africa; the league comprised 14 teams, with the bottom two, ASC Suneor and Olympique Ngor, relegated to the 2017 Ligue 2. Only four clubs were outside the Dakar area and all are in the western half of the country. A total of 182 matches were played and fewer goals which numbered 333, fifteen lower than lase season.

US Gorée had a grand total of 42 points, one less than last season by the previous champion Douanes, ASC Linguère scored the most goals numbering 32. Casa Sports, sixth placed and Ouakam, eight placed were the same position as last season. During the earlier and the middle part of the season, some of the clubs reached first place and weeks in the lower parts and the relegation zone a few climbed up again. A total of 14 teams will contest the league, including 12 sides from the 2014–15 season and two promoted from the 2014–15 Ligue 2, ASEC Ndiambour and Gorée. On the other hand and Port de Dakar were the last two teams of the 2014–15 season and played in Ligue 2 for the 2015-16 season. AS Douanes are the defending champions from the 2014–15 season. 2015–16 in Senegalese football 2015-16 Senegalese Ligue 1 season at RSSSF Standings at FIFA site