Year 1017 was a common year starting on Tuesday of the Julian calendar. Summer -- Melus of Bari, a Lombard nobleman, is supported by Norman mercenaries at Capua, he marches into Apulia to catch the Byzantine army off-guard. Melus ravages the territory in Apulia. Winter – Emperor Basil II replaces Leo Tornikios with the new catapan Basil Boioannes and sends him reinforcements from Constantinople. January 6 - Cnut the Great is crowned king of England. In July he marries Emma of Normandy, the widow of Æthelred II. Cnut secures his ties with Normandy. Cnut the Great divides England into four earldoms: Wessex, East Anglia and Northumbria. Summer – Hamza ibn-'Ali ibn-Ahmad publicly declares the founding of the Druze religion, during the reign of the Fatimid Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah; the Sunnis of Kairouan revolt against the Shi'ite Zirid Dynasty. The city is retaken and sacked. Rajendra I, ruler of the Chola Dynasty, annexes the island. Construction of Saint Sophia's Cathedral in Kiev is started. October 28 – Henry III, Holy Roman Emperor Ahimaaz ben Paltiel, Italian-Jewish liturgical poet Bermudo III, king of León Floris I, count of Friesland west of the Vlie Ramanuja, Indian Sri Vaishnavism philosopher Vikramabahu, king of Sri Lanka Zhou Dunyi, Chinese philosopher and cosmologist February 5 – Sancho García, count of Castile June 5 – Sanjō, emperor of Japan June 22 – Leo Passianos, Byzantine general July 6 – Genshin, Japanese Tendai scholar September 18 – Henry of Schweinfurt, German nobleman October 6 – Wang Dan, Chinese Grand Chancellor Eadric Streona, ealdorman of Mercia Eadwig Ætheling, son of Æthelred II Elvira of Castile, queen consort of León Emnilda, duchess consort of Poland Fujiwara no Junshi, Japanese empress Judith of Brittany, duchess of Normandy Ma'mun II, Ma'munid ruler of Khwarezm Ramon Borrell, count of Barcelona Renaud of Vendôme, French nobleman

Gossip (2000 American film)

Gossip is a 2000 American teen psychological thriller film directed by Davis Guggenheim and featuring an ensemble cast including James Marsden, Lena Headey, Norman Reedus, Kate Hudson. On a Northeastern United States college campus. Derrick Webb, Cathy Jones and Travis are students as well as roommates, they all take a Communications class with Professor Goodwin, in which the subject of gossip is brought up. For their final project, the three decide to track the results. One night, while at a nightclub, they run into her boyfriend Beau Edson, it is common knowledge through the campus. Jones, in particular, has a problem with Naomi's sense of entitlement. Furthermore, Naomi seems to have started a rumor about Jones having sex with Goodwin. While at the party, Derrick brings her upstairs. At this point, the girl becomes ill. Beau is rejected. Derrick and Travis proceed to begin a rumor that Naomi and Beau had sex. Naomi soon discovers the rumor, but denies it to her friends and becomes convinced she was raped by Beau.

As a result, Beau is expelled. It is revealed that Derrick and Naomi came from the same hometown and were a couple in high school, he said Naomi made it up so her father wouldn't be upset with her. Beau learns this, the two fight. Derrick manages to manipulate Beau into thinking. Derrick goes to Naomi's dorm to confront her; the next day, Naomi is pronounced dead and, because of Derrick and Naomi's past, campus police accuse Derrick of killing her. Investigators come to his apartment to search for clues and their suspicions intensify. Under the overwhelming psychological pressure, Derrick confesses to raping Naomi to Travis; the investigation was proven to be a setup by Jones and Goodwin. To Derrick's surprise, following his admission, Naomi steps forward. James Marsden as Derrick Webb Lena Headey as Cathy Jones Norman Reedus as Travis Kate Hudson as Naomi Preston Eric Bogosian as Professor Goodwin Edward James Olmos as Detective Curtis Joshua Jackson as Beau Edson Sharon Lawrence as Detective Kelly Marisa Coughlan as Sheila Novie Edwards as Ms. Waters Anthony J. Mifsud as Doorman Gossip received negative reviews from critics and holds a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes based on 65 reviews.

The film opened at #12 at the North American box office making $2.3 million USD in its opening weekend. The film suffered a 59% decline in box office earnings the following week, descending to #17. Gossip on IMDb Gossip at Rotten Tomatoes Gossip at AllMovie Gossip at Box Office Mojo

Earlyvale Gate railway station

Earlyvale Gate railway station was a railway station that served the Dundas family residence in Earlyvale, Scottish Borders, Scotland for 8 months on the Peebles Railway. The station opened in June 1856 by the Peebles Railway; the station was situated on the west side of an unnamed minor road. James Hay Mackenzie, son of the Peebles Railway director William Forbes Mackenzie, wrote to the PR board on behalf of a friend, George Dundas, planning to move his family into a house in Earlyvale Gate, he requested. He asked the PR to either build a station or provide morning and evening trains to stop at the crossing. In return, Dundas promised to bring goods traffic on the line with his family and friends bringing in the revenue from the line; the PR board refused to build a station for one family but they agreed to stop the trains at the level crossing in the morning and evening, but only if William bought a season ticket from Eddleston to Edinburgh. Arrangements were made to stop the trains on Tuesday and Thursday.

Any passengers had to inform the gatekeeper at Earlyvale so they could hoist the red stop signal and returning passengers had to notify the guard at Leadburn. The station was closed to passengers on 28 February 1857