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101 Vagina
101 Vagina.jpg
Author Philip Werner
Country Australia
Language English
Subject Female body image/sexuality
Genre Photography
Published 2013
Pages 216
ISBN 9780987409003

101 Vagina is a black-and-white coffee table photo-book by Philip Werner, with a foreword by Toni Childs. It was self-published in March 2013 in Melbourne, Australia. The book contains 101 close-up nude photos shot in a non-provocative way, along with an accompanying story or message written by each woman about her vagina.

The book's photos and stories were exhibited five times in Australia in 2013, with a US and Canadian tour in 2014 taking in six locations.


101 Vagina was funded by crowd sourcing and took some two years to create.[1][2] Werner was initially inspired by The Vagina Monologues and subjects were found via social media after Werner publicised his objective to create a book that had both an educational and celebratory goal.[1][3] Models, ranging in age from 18 to 65, remain anonymous. Singer-songwriter Toni Childs, who wrote the foreword, made contact with Werner after he initiated a peace march in honour of murdered Australian Broadcasting Corporation employee Jill Meagher in his Brunswick, Victoria neighbourhood.[4]

Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald about the book, Werner commented that: "I hope it finds its way to a few young women and girls...So they see that [these pictures are] normal rather than pictures in magazines."[5] Stories accompanying the photos discuss various themes, including ageing, pregnancy, Brazilian waxing, first sexual encounter and poor body image.[6]


On publication101 Vagina received broad media coverage, including write-ups in The Age,[1] The Sydney Morning Herald[5] and La Presse in Montreal.[7] It was also discussed on ABC Radio National,[8] and 2SER.[9]


101 Vagina was presented as an exhibition on several occasions in Australia in 2013. This included being part of The Sydney Fringe.[10] and Melbourne Fringe Festival.[11] In 2014, it was officially launched in the US and Canada with a series of exhibitions. The tour included Los Angeles[12] and Laguna Beach.[2]

Controversy and censorship[edit]

In Sydney the exhibition was visited by police responding to a complaint that the images were visible from the street.[13][14] Images were required to be censored as part of a group exhibition at The Sydney Fringe.[15]

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