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102 FM is the first program of the Radio Station of ERT3. It is primarily a news station.

First Years[edit]

It was one of the three radio stations of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation together with the Second Schedule ERA 2, the cultural radio and the Third Programme in Brief that used to broadcast across Greece and all the Greek Diaspora.

The main part of the program was occupied by the three-minute News segments, and as the news headlines and central stories (The world of news) each afternoon and evening. The remainder of the program was dominated by the news and current affairs provided by experienced producers.

The Radio Station of Macedonia Greek Radio Television Broadcasting Greek # 3 ERT3 was equipped with digital technology and operated by the 1989 by 11 June 2013 when the Greek Government decided to repeal and final closure of Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation.

The first program broadcast on 102 FM was also carried on 1044 kilohertz in the medium wave band.

The facilities that broadcast the First Program of Radio Station of Macedonia was located on Thessaloniki Street Aggelaki 14 near the facilities of International Report Thessaloniki.

11 June 2013 - 10 June 2015[edit]

On 11 June 2013, after the close of the ERT, the station continues to broadcast from the second frequency of ERA Sports Thessaloniki at 103.3 FM, under the name 'EPA Thessaloniki' until today. Since June 2015 the radio is operated by ERT known as ERT3 in Macedonia (102 FM) which replaced the concrete.

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