Year 1037 was a common year starting on Saturday of the Julian calendar. Spring – A revolt in northern Italy is started by Aribert, archbishop of Milan. King Henry III travels south of the Alps to quell it. February – At an Imperial Diet in Pavia Aribert is accused of fomenting a revolt against the Holy Roman Empire, Conrad orders his arrest. May – Conrad II with Pavian assistance lay siege to Milan at Porta Romana side, but the city holds out. In Rome, Pope Benedict IX deposes Aribert as archbishop. May 28 – Conrad II decrees the Constitutio de Feudis which protects the rights of the valvassores in Lombardia. Summer – A Byzantine expeditionary force under George Maniakes lands at Sicily and defeats the Zirids. Maniakes begins his campaign to reconquer the island. September 4 – Battle of Tamarón: Ferdinand I defeats and kills his brother-in-law Bermudo III. Ferdinand becomes the king of León. King Harold I seizes the throne of England from his half-brother Harthacnut, his mother, Emma of Normandy flees to Bruges in Flanders.

The Chinese rime dictionary of the Jiyun is published during the Song Dynasty. January 8 – Su Dongpo, Chinese calligrapher Beatrice I, German abbess of Quedlinburg Hawise, duchess of Brittany September 4 – Bermudo III, king of León November 15 – Odo II, French nobleman Abu'l-Hasan Mihyar al-Daylami, Persian poet Abu Mansur al-Baghdadi, Persian Shafi'i scholar Baba Kuhi of Shiraz, Persian Sufi mystic Avicenna, Persian physician and polymath Boleslaus III, duke of Bohemia Ding Wei, grand chancellor of the Song Dynasty Farrukhi Sistani, Persian poet John of Debar, Bulgarian clergyman and bishop Muhammad al-Baghdadi, Persian mathematician Muirgeas ua Cú Ceanainn, king of Uí Díarmata Robert II, French prelate and archbishop Siegfried II, German nobleman William III, French nobleman

2018 UTEP Miners football team

The 2018 UTEP Miners football team represented University of Texas at El Paso in the 2018 NCAA Division I FBS football season. The Miners played their home games at the Sun Bowl in El Paso and competed in the West Division of Conference USA, they were led by first-year head coach Dana Dimel. They finished the season 1–11, 1–7 in C-USA play to finish in a tie for sixth place in the West Division. UTEP averaged 14,155 fans per game; the Miners in 2017 were led by fifth-year head coach Sean Kugler until his resignation on October 2 and by interim head coach Mike Price, who had served at UTEP's head coach from 2004 to 2012. The Miners finished the season with a record 0–12, 0–8 in C-USA play to finish in last place in the West Division, they were winless for the first time since the 1973 season. Listed in the order that they were released Conference USA released their preseason media poll on July 17, 2018, with the Miners predicted to finish in a tie for sixth place in the West Division; the 2018 Spring Game took place in El Paso, on April 13, at 7 p.m.

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Nottawasaga Bay

Nottawasaga Bay is a sub-bay within Georgian Bay in Southern Ontario, Canada located at the southernmost end of the main bay. The communities located on Nottawasaga Bay are Meaford, The Blue Mountains, Wasaga Beach and Tiny; the western shore of Nottawasaga Bay is determined by the Niagara Escarpment, which reaches Nottawasaga Bay between Collingwood and Thornbury. The southern shore is flat limestone plain, with cedar marshes; the Nottawasaga River flows into Georgian Bay near the southern end of the bay, onward to the east the shore is predominantly sand dunes and marshes created by the strong predominant northwest winds. This part of Nottawasaga Bay is built up with summer homes. Nearer to Thornbury and the Beaver River Valley there are some vineyards and many apple orchards dot the area. Bighead River Beaver River Nottawasaga River