103 Aquarii

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103 Aquarii
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0 (ICRS)      Equinox J2000.0 (ICRS)
Constellation Aquarius
Right ascension 23h 41m 34.48853s[1]
Declination −18° 01′ 37.4731″[1]
Apparent magnitude (V) 5.34[2]
Spectral type K4/K5 III[3]
B−V color index +1.57[2]
Radial velocity (Rv)+25.1[4] km/s
Proper motion (μ) RA: –41.25[1] mas/yr
Dec.: –71.85[1] mas/yr
Parallax (π)4.31 ± 0.31[1] mas
Distance760 ± 50 ly
(230 ± 20 pc)
Surface gravity (log g)1.59[5] cgs
Temperature3,910[5] K
Metallicity [Fe/H]–0.18[5] dex
Other designations
BD−18° 6357, HD 222547, HIP 116889, HR 8980, SAO 165834.[6]
Database references

103 Aquarii (abbreviated 103 Aqr) is a star in the equatorial constellation of Aquarius. 103 Aquarii is the Flamsteed designation, although it also bears the Bayer designation A1 Aquarii.[7] It is faint but visible to the naked eye with an apparent visual magnitude of 5.34.[2] Based upon an annual parallax shift of 4.31 milliarcseconds, the distance to this star is around 760 light-years (230 parsecs).[1] This is classified as an evolved K-type giant star.[3]


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